Monday, September 9, 2013

Almost There!


is happening!!!

And I was so excited for it up until yesterday evening.  When I realized how much I needed and, on top of that, wanted to do before Disney.  And now I'm a little apprehensive about getting it all done.  Most of the deadlines are self-imposed, though, so if I don't make them, oh, well.

One of the "need to do"s is to pack.  (Well, first do laundry, then pack...)  So, friends that have been to Disney World before, I'm thinking I'll need a "day outfit" that's cool (temperature wise) for walking around the park all day in the heat and then an "evening outfit" (which sound super fancy, but that's not my intent) that is maybe slightly dressier to change into when I'm hot and sweaty before we go eat supper.  Thoughts?

Also I know I'm taking my new computer cuz Momma and I have some brainstorming to do and I was also thinking about a couple decks of cards just for fun.  Any other ideas?  That fit into the one carry on, one checked bag and backpack I'll be taking? (Southwest has 2 bags fly free, but I only have 1 Disney tag thingy so I can only check one bag.)

And I think it goes without saying, consider this the last post until post-Disney recovery.  : )


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I wrote on the other blog today...

And don't have the time or brain power to write here, too!  Go check it out!