Monday, March 29, 2010

Rerouting you to another giveaway

Seriously. Go. I could not make myself spend $70 on a suit, but I just might order myself new boyshorts this summer. I have some from Target or WalMart or something but they're old and getting snagged and don't fit like they used to.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh, Ya'll...

I had a day! And I do mean a full day! I suppose I must start with yesterday. I called the unnamed bridal store because another bridesmaid who got her dress on the exact same day as I did got a call that her dress was in. The woman who answered did not speaka the English so well. Nor did she know how to use the computer. According to her, the other bridesmaid who, you know, got a call that her dress was in, never ordered a dress, the bride who already has her dress didn't order a dress, and I never ordered a dress. I suppose I imagined all those things. But eventually, and Lord knows not soon enough, I got to talk to a person who, get this, knew how to use the computer! And she said that yes the other bridesmaid's dress was in but mine was not. Sash, yes. Dress, no. I do not understand. And was very frustrated. However, the other bridesmaid's sister lives in town and the dresses were ordered in Houston and the other bridesmaid lives in another town but her sister, who lives in town, is going to see her over Easter.

SO, Momma, M (friend my age) and E (her 2 year old daughter) decided to go with me and we went ahead and went to Houston today with the goal of paying the other half of my dress balance (so the bride can pick it up next Saturday when she's visiting her grandmother) and picked up the dress that was in.

On the way, we stopped at an outlet mall. Momma got shoes and M got a couple Easter things for E. Then we went to the unnamed bridal store and accomplished our goal. We got to eat at TGIFridays because Daddy wasn't there and Daddy doesn't like TGIFridays. Then, we went to The Woodlands Mall because we wanted to go to Pottery Barn. We accomplished our goal there and then went to Pottery Barn Kids. I took a picture of the Star Wars sheets so I could make my Big Bang Theory reference, but I don't feel like getting it from my phone to my computer. So, here. "Don't treat me like a child. Now take me to Pottery Barn so I can return my Star Wars sheets!"

Then, we walked around. We were fixing to leave and I saw Anthropologie. Big Mama talks about it so much and I'd never been in one so we decided (well, I kinda insisted) that we go in. OH MY. We loved it! Momma even loved the tissue paper they wrapped her purchases in. And we really liked all their displays. Like the things that are permanently part of the store. If Big Mama ever gets her benefits from linking to them so much, I want in on the possibility of getting their displays!

We had too much fun for E and M so we dropped them off in their hometown near here. The Lion's Club was selling plants and my Momma is a sucker for plants. Then, we went to DQ so I could use my free ice cream coupon and get Cokes to last us the rest of the day. I ordered and said "I have a coupon for a free Dilly Bar and I also want two medium Cokes." The lady asked, "What kind?" Anywhere else, that would've been weird, but I knew what she meant so I said "Real Coke for both of them." We drive up to the window and another lady opens the window and tries to hand me an ice cream sandwich. I said, "I'm sorry but I'd like a Dilly Bar." Ooo, girlfriend got all kindsa attitude and said "She say she want a Dilly Bar," and rolled her eyes like I was crazy for insisting I get what I ordered. Excuse me. Good thing she doesn't work somewhere where she might expect tips!

I laughed it off though and we made a few more stops here in town. Including the Wal-Mart. The one they're remodeling. OH MY WORD! There's Q-Tips and Bandaides where the boy's underwear is supposed to be. Velveeta Shells and Cheese next to the girl's underwear. Toys where crafts are supposed to be. Crafts where house stuff used to be. And a random empty square in the middle of the store. I suppose for a square dance. And my Momma bought these things that M and I made fun of last time we were in a Wal-Mart together. They are dusting/floor sweeping slipper thingies. Needless to say, our exhausted minds created a lot of hilarity. Including a song that went "I got some slippers. I'm dusting the dashboard. You know you want them. But you can't have them."

I am now home and have everything I need for the Art Auction and the wedding.

Well, present-wise for the wedding.

Except for the one other thing I need for one of the presents.

But it should be less than a dollar, so...

Anyways, I'm broke now. But hope to recoup it at the Art Auction.

And to make cute, cute presents!

And the day was a BLAST!


Friday, March 26, 2010

I Know, You Really Don't Care

But there's nothing else going on in my life. My world is revolving around the art auction. And last night my friend gave me another idea to do for the store and I thought of even another one. But I have to finish what I've already committed before I add to my list. Because I have lost my ever-lovin' mind.

Good news-Robert finished my shelves. I painted them. I need to sand some wear marks on them and then they'll be done! I plan to do that and decorate them before my jewelry party on the 17th. I really want to do them but I'm afraid to let myself get started on that because, in case you haven't heard, I have stuff I need to do for the art auction.

So, here. I already showed you the first red, quilted bag and the yellow cowboy-y burp rag. Here's the others I've finished.

This star one isn't really finished, but I LOVE it! I'm going to buy tan webbing for the straps and somehow make the corners of it more corner-y so the edge stars don't look so funny. Because they don't have corners to be edged up against like I intended. I'm thinking I'll turn in inside out and sew up the corners like I'd seamed them...Thoughts?

There's a pocket inside and just one star in the middle on the other side. I really love it!

And, ummm, for the rest of these, turn your head sideways. Sorry.

This one I was thinking to be a diaper bag, that's why it has all the pockets on the inside. But that will require me fixing the hole I just found in it!

And the rest...

Alrighty... I have 3 more burp rags and 5 more bags. And then I'll have to see if I can do anything else...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Pizza!!!

My friend Melissa is doing a giveaway!!! Go see!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Bet You're Tired of Hearing About the Store...

But too bad! I just dropped a pretty penny (my own!) on things for the store. Trims for the bags, etc. And I still need to get a few more things but luckily I'm coming in under budget on some other things, so it should work out! And, as long as it all sells, I'll recoup it no problem. Please, Lord, let me sell!

I went by my friend's house today and now know exactly what I'm doing for wedding/shower presents for her! I'm looking forward to putting those plans in action, too! After she has all the presents, I'm going to have to tell you a story about one of them...

Also, we are having our annual family thing the day before Easter at the ranch and I have to say, I'm super excited! It's always a lot of fun. I don't know how this year will turn out, but I'm determined to be excited about it for now.

I took the time to write this while my spagetti noodles cooked and I'm thinking they're just about done, so I need to go eat and then work on some bags!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ramblings and then, Bethlehem's Children

Well, it has been an interesting day. I finally, after much frustration, got the number of the store where I paid half of my bridesmaid dress and need to pay the other half and pick up. We had originally planned to go on the 20th but once I finally got a hold of the store, they said it for sure won't be in by then and may or may not be in by the next Saturday, the 27th. I certainly hope they are in by then because the next Saturday I have free is May 8th unless I make a quick trip on the same day I'm having a jewelry party, April 17th. It's all just very frustrating.
Then, I got news that my husband's job is ending on May 15th. They are shutting the place down. 150 people looking for a job and he's one of them.

Now this has nothing to do with any of the other junk I just dropped, but I just finished a book that, though fictional, is based on Biblical and historical facts. It's the 6th book in a series about the life of Christ (it began with Him as a man and then went back to His birth) called Sixth Covenant by Brodie and Brock Thoene. Sixth Covenant is about the birth of Christ, the wise men from the East, and Herod's slaughter of the boys under 2 in Bethlehem. At the end of the book, a wise-man-character is writing and says

Though the story of Bethlehem is legendary, it is no myth. 
It was, in that dark hour, as it has always been when light threatens the darkness. It is written that when the people of Israel were slaves in Egypt, Pharaoh, like Herod, killed the two-year-old sons of the Jews. Only Moses, the deliverer, escaped. The children die first when Satan is aroused. Always. Countless little ones have been lost every day since evil first began to prowl the earth and seek out those easily devoured. Some die a quick death by violence or illness. Others perish inch by inch of neglect and the absence of love. These too are Bethlehem's children.

It makes me want to do something for those children and name the organization "Bethlehem's Children." I'm sure that will never happen, but that's what the passage said to me.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am trying desperately to juggle making my items for the art auction store, organizing the store, making sure I am meeting deadlines (which are pretty much self-imposed) to get things done for Rachael's wedding, and getting/keeping my house clean for a party I'm having April 17th with pretty much every Saturday between now and April, well, whatever is a week after the 17th all filled up! Not to mention my job, Tuesday night Bible study, having a little time for my husband, my friends, and myself. And I have this nagging exhaustion that I refuse to jump to conclusions about because it could lead to crushing disappointment.  Did that sentence even make sense to anyone else? Much less the craziness that inspired it? Anyways, I need to go now if I'm going to read a few blogs and get to bed at a somewhat decent hour...or what I consider a decent hour.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Wrote Today

So I already had to write two really long things today: a note to all my coworkers about the store (yay!) and then I edited Robert's answers to a questionnaire a church sent him and added my little piece when they asked what he thought the pastor's wife's role is in the church. My note is saved at church so I can't share with you what I said about the store, but, if you feel the need to read something written by me, here, this is what I said about the pastor's wife question!

Hi! This is Branalyn. This part in italics is my answer to this question!
Past experience has led me to the conclusion that my role in the church is really no different than any other wife's role. I want to support my husband in his job, which just happens to be pastor. Most of the time, this will probably be "behind the scenes." I want to, when we have them, raise our children "in the way [they] should go" (Proverbs 22:6). I want to be held to the same standard as everyone else in the church; I do not want anyone to have a higher expectation of me or my future children simply because Robert is pastor.
Past experiences have led me to conclude that I do not want to exclusively be in a leadership position. I was very active in my youth group all through high school. I attended Sunday school and other Bible studies faithfully. When I started college, however, I began exclusively leading. Since we moved back to College Station, I have attended Sunday school and another Bible study, while using Sunday and Wednesday nights to serve with the preschoolers in our church. I want to be able to attend Bible studies, maybe even Sunday school, as any other member of the church and be ministered to, while also serving the church.
Past churches have abused the fact that I was available and often willing to serve. I will be happy to use my gifts as I feel comfortable but do not want the fact that my husband is the pastor to give the expectation that I can be forced into, or will always be willing to, serve. I have a heart for preschoolers and would love to serve the young children of the church. I took many years of piano lessons, but while I can play the piano, I am not comfortable playing in front of others. I may, at some point, want to use this gift in a limited capacity, but I do not want to be expected to serve as a "fill-in" or full-time church pianist.
Finally, past experiences as a church member have brought me to the conclusion that the church functions better when the congregation sees the pastor and his family as equals in the church. When the congregation is willing to serve the pastor and his family, treat them as equals, and judge them no differently than any other member, the church is better equipped to accept the shortcomings of the pastor and his family members and be served and treated as equals by them.
So say we all!

: )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Store Manager

AW, my Rachael-friend! You changed your pic! Now we aren't tree buddies! lol

You should totally come buy the bag at the art auction, and there will be more bags, so the rest of you should come and buy the others! I just volunteered to be in charge of the "store" at the art auction. Ya'll are thinking, "Uh seriously, you can't even find the time to tell us your funny Thursday story, you just tease us about it and then you take on more?!" I know. I'm already behind on my bag goal (which sounds hilarious to me) so as I take on this new challenge, I'm gonna have to step it up on that, too. Really, it'll be OK. I'll keep ya'll in the loop. I'll just let the housework slide. : )

In all seriousness, I'm super excited about being in charge of the store. I know I talked about it already, but I'll just do it again. Cuz that's who I am. The store is a new thing to the art auction this year. I think we decided we're doing it in the foyer. That means it will be totally seperate from the auction, but it won't be hidden becaue people will have to walk through it to come and go from the building. That's as far as it's gotten, though, since I only volunteered Friday. Oh, and we'd thought it'd be like at a shop or garage sale where multiple sellers are involved and we'd have a certain color or number assinged to each seller so we could keep it all seperate and only have a couple people manning the store. Thoughts? Suggestions? Want to put something in the store and donate a portion of the proceeds to W.E.E.?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Wanna Write Something...

I really do... Thursday morning something kinda funny happened. I wanted to write about it. But I felt so icky when I got home, I went straight to sleep. Then, today, Robert and I got the shelves done as far as the base paint color. I did a test little peice and was gonna take a picture to put up...but didn't.

Really, I suppose the good new is, we haven't been wasting money on all that medication for all those years because my allergies are so icky right now...

Anyways, Melissa, I got the fabric from my mother-in-law, isn't it awsome?

And now I'm ending this ridiculous attempt at a post. Hopefully, you'll get a real one soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bag Number 1

OK, first, I just have to say it's funny when my Rachael friend and I have conversations in the comments because we're both leaning against a tree. It's so not on purpose, but a little funny and freaky.

Pretend there's, you know, a transition here.

The reason I often make bags from place mats is because 1. they are already either thick or double sided, 2. they are already cut into a fairly uniform size, 3. it's a good size to use one to make a pursey purse or two to make a bag the size I usually wear, and 4. most of the time you can buy a coordinating napkin to make pockets, accents, etc. But, it's also more expensive to do it that way, so, for the art auction, I'm using regular old fabric. On most of the bags, I'll just double the fabric, but with this bag it was already quilted, so obviously I didn't double it. And obviously I didn't quilt it. Because, you know, there's straight lines. Anyways, I LOVE the fabric and almost didn't use it for an art auction bag, but I have enough to make myself one at some point and I think the cuteness of the fabric will really help sell it! At least I hope so, because when I look at all I see is the imperfections...

All that to say, I finished a bag!!! And a burp rag before, so I'm gonna post a pic of that, too. But I'm lazy, so it's gonna be pictures taken with my webcam.

The side with the pocket.

The side without.

The inside. With a pocket.
Also, the straps. I LOVE that they are double sided. I'm not sure if I'm happy with them...Really, I just need to stop being a perfectionist. Or do a better job.

It makes me happy. Mostly that it's done, lol.

I feel about the same today, but no fever and definitely not the dread influenza. It was icky when I walked out the door and they were mowing the yard. Have I mentioned that when they allergy tested me I was allergic to 66 of the 68 things they tested me for? No kidding. That was the long way of saying I'm allergic to the grass they were cutting and made me feel ickier. Now I'm just complaining, so I'll say that I did get to do most of what needed to happen yesterday. But not today, lol. Oh well...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sad Tuesday

I think I'm getting sick, I was so out of it at Bible study tonight I didn't really get  much from it, and I haven't done anything I wanted to accomplish today. Sorry,  Texas, but your birthday just didn't go well for me this year. On the up side, by the time I was by myself at work today, I only had 5 kids and then one left really quick after that. And my roses are, if possible, even more beautiful.

Here's hoping the Girls cheer me up as I attempt to accomplish at least part of my Tuesday to-dos...

It's Late

So even though I intended to sit down and write a post twice today, it's just not gonna happen apparently.
My flowers smell pretty and are opening very prettily. My new sewing machine rocks and I've already finished one burp rag and all but the straps of a bag. If I can keep this up, I'll be done ahead of time!
I'm not going to get enough sleep tonight as it is, so good night ya'll!