Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everybody together now..."AWWW!!!"

Look what I got.


Just because. : )
And doesn't the watering can look super cute with them? Roses are a little fancy for a watering can, but I totally think it works!

AND we almost finished one shelving unit. Robert did most of it with my Daddy's help but I helped some, too! AND I drove Robert's truck (it's a standard) and I did not kill it even once and was very smooth in my shifting!!! (Out in the country. The city has yet to be attempted...)
Long tiring, productive day and tomorrow Robert's pulpit-supply preaching, so I have to go give him a hair cut and we'll have to head to bed pretty soon!

I Did It!!!

Momma's Christmas present is done. Well, my part is done. I'm giving it back to the other instigator of the nuttiness to get her to do her part so we can really finish it! I changed from baby blanket to baby lovie, but it's as done as it can be until I get the rest of the material. And I did the valances and even hung them! See? I can keep a promise! Lol. Now it's off to bed so we can do the shelves tomorrow and be up in time for Robert to go preach Sunday!

Friday, February 26, 2010


*********EDITED TO SAY: Grandby and my Daddy told me I had a blog when my stove caught fire at my previous house and I'd blogged about it. But I can't find that post to link to it and I'm pretty sure it happened before I had a blog (as if such a time existed lol). But I'm also pretty sure most of ya'll who read this know the story and the rest of you can just see the humor in the statements made  on this post.**************

So my surprise two year old helper was with me again today. It made for a very fun day and this amazing compliment "I like your's hair. It's so much pretty." which totally made up for when I said "I love you!" and she said "I love Lena, Co-ban, and Robert." (aka my Momma, brother, and husband in 2-year-ese). My Grandby came to town and we did Christmas! It was lots of fun. (Also, she gave me a fire extinguisher. She insists it was in no part related to the fire-on-the-stove incident, but I just don't believe her. IT WAS NOT MY FUALT!!! THE STOVE WAS 40 YEARS OLD! APPLIANCES WERE NOT MADE TO LAST THAT LONG!!!)

Back to the point, if there ever was a point.. I took many pictures today to use for the rest of the house, but it's not gonna happen today. I also spent some time going through my fabric because the preschool I work at is having an art auction in April and I am super excited to say we are going to have a "store" this year where teachers can make things and sell them. A portion of the proceeds will benifit the school, but we are getting to make money off of it, too!!! Since most of my fabric was given to me or bought such a long time ago I don't even remember what I paid for it, I can donate a good bit and still make money! I will have to buy most of the accent type things though (beads, fringe, whatever) which really is what will add up, so I'll have to price accordingly. Also, I have 6 weeks and have decided to attempt 10 bags to sell, 1 to donate as raffle, and 8 cutesy burp rags. If I do 2 bags and a burp rag a week for 5 weeks and then 1 bag and 3 burp rags for a week I should get it done, so I will be busy, busy, busy like I was before Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I am going to try to finish my Momma's Christmas present tonight...Let's hope I keep that intention more than the show off my house one...

AND, speaking of my house and intentions, we are going to try to finish the shelves for my dining room tomorrow!!! I'm super excited and hope it really happens!!!

So, now for the title of the post, spider. I was in my room sorting through the fabric, deciding what I really wanted to keep because I have intentions for it, what is adorable and I hate to part with, but really, won't that make a bag that will sell, so shouldn't I just use it?, what it really just not going to work with anything else, etc. and talking to my friend (the 2 year old's Momma) on the phone when I notice that there are tiny ants (I'm assuming they are ants...they are leveling our foundation right now so they probably came up because of that) on this little place I normally set my computer. Then I notice there's a (also very tiny) spider attacking one of them! She (because Charlotte is a girl, of course) caught the ant and was wrapping it up in her silky threads. IT WAS SO COOL!!!

Now that the would-be tiny post has had about a million and a half words more than intended, I'm hoping my intentions to make the valance curtains for the office, finish Momma's Christmas present, and make the baby blanket for a friend up to the point of needing to buy the rest of the supplies intentions are actually followed through. In like two hours or less. I dream big.


Seriously, ya'll should've known better if you really expected me to do the entire week on my house. Because seriously, life always seems to derail me. I had quite a few things to do tonight to prepare for my Grandby coming to visit tomorrow and I had a surprise 2 year old helper! So, everything (well, most everything...some things were gonna have to wait till morning anyways) did get done, but took much longer.

The moral of this story is, I cannot seem to keep a blog promise! And I will do the all the house because I really want to, just be patient!!!

OH! And PS I got another snowman melting pic this morning and there was still a little left, but I'm sure it's gone now and I did not get a pic tonight. Maybe I'll remember to take one tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

House Break!

Lol... Just a break from house pictures. I have too much to do today, as most Wednesdays, to write a full-on post. So, here are a few more pictures of the snow.

My snowman is going...going...
Gone... : (

Random snow family going...going...
Gone... : (


It's really awesome how you can see the line of the shadow in relation to the line of the melting/melted snow!

And remember that snow on the roof across the way from me? It's going too...

I didn't take a picture of it tonight because night photography takes my camera a super long time and it really drains the batteries, but it's pretty much gone. I find it all very sad, but I'm super happy we got it for a day!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My House Part 2

So, there's still no floorplan, that can come at the end and tie it all together!
Here's the church and the snow from today!

Here's the outside of my house. It's what you see when you drive up, but my house isn't really in the picture. It's my neighbors'.
Do you see the snow falling?!?!?
 This is the balcony at the side of our house. the sliding glass door leads into the living room and the windows on the right is the office window. Also, see the chimney? Yup, we have a fireplace!!!

Here's the whole length of the side of the house. There's a tree obscuring the balcony.

 Here's the front door of our house! 

 Now here's some more snow pictures!!! This is on the balcony!

Now here's just a picture of random snowmen.

That's a yard stick. Seriously.
And here's the snowman I made!!!

Again, that's a yardstick!
Seriously, we had at two inches of snow in most places, and there were places where it was much deeper!!!
OK, so this wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be! And hopefully this is a more compatible design for the blog!


SERIOUSLY. REALSNOW!!! Not crappy pretend Texas snow. Real, true, like Colorodo snow!!! It's awesome that I didn't get to put outside pics up yesterday because now I can show you my house with SNOW!!!! And a few pics of the church! Just as soon as I figure out how... lol. I actually do know how, but you have to do it one at a time on blogger and I could do multiple on Word, but Word failed me because the pics didn't translate to blogger.

My House

*************UPDATE!!!!!!! So I did my best, and it's still a little janky looking, but I promise to do better on the outside and the rest!!!********************

OK, so I have this great idea. I'm gonna show you around my house. You saw my cool trick in my baking drawer. I'm gonna show you some other cool tricks, and also the decorating I've done. I really like decorating and I like how my house is coming! I'd like it better if I could paint, and I could, I'd just have to paint it back and that's expensive and a lot of work! AND there will be proof that my house was clean, once, AND you'll see the difference my shelves make! I meant to start this "series" with a bang and show you the outside and floor plan today, but by the time I got around to it, it was too dark to take pictures and I can't find my old floor plans and don't feel like making a new one right now. SO, I will begin with the inside! I'm analytical anyways, lol. Here is my dining room and kitchen, with commentary! Please do not judge my lack of photographic abilities! 

The front door is there on the left. This is the hutch that belonged to my Daddy's Momma and then to my Aunt Sandy, who gave it to me. The angel on the top my came from my Daddy's Momma, too. On top is candles and the cake topper from our wedding, and the book, sand, and flowers are from our wedding, also. The pictures are pictures of us from UMHB, the yellow plate I made at U-Paint-It when I graduated, the blue paint is my china, and there's the silver bread thingy, the Willow Trees, and the hydrangea wreath thingy my Momma got me. In the drawers are gift-wrapping items and piano books.

These are the drapes from my second dorm room in college. The rod is new, because the old one that looked almost exactly like it flew out of my brother's truck last time we moved. Hanging between them are folded white squares a family friend bought and painted cute little dolls doing chores.

Here's what the room looks like as a whole. Sorry about the terrible flash that hurts your eyes. The hutch is barely visible there on the left and you can see how we have the vaulted ceilings and where the dining room meets the kitchen. The table is the same as the hutch; they are a set. There are only 5 chairs, so sitting against the wall is the hope chest my Grandby gave me. It's sturdy enough to sit on and hanging above it is a sort of "back" made out of fabric wrapped fabric bolts. I made them in our last apartment to serve as a wall-hanging above the table, which was pushed up against the wall, but I like this much better. There are two more bolts that were blue and white plaid (I guess that's how to describe the pattern) but I decided it was too busy and Momma thought it was too wide. Robert is making me two twin shelving units to go against the wall to display some of my antique china and some other things. When those are finished, I'll have to move the two pictures closer together and I'm going to put up a long glass shelf above all of it. I might re-cover the other two bolts then and hang them beside the yellow and blue toile ones. The yellow and blue toile is the same on the chairs. These are close ups of the two pictures. They are a little blurry…sorry.






This is the table on the left looking over the bar into the kitchen. And above here is a close up of the bar stool seats. They used to be just ugly fake wood looking and had bad, bad fabric on the seats. I spray-painted them (with my brother's help) and Daddy and I tightened and put in new screws to hold them together better. And I used the fabric above to fix the seats! I really like the fabric, especially in my yellow and blue toile room! Plus, this shows you why I chose to do the kitchen and dining room together, so on to the kitchen.

Here is the bar looking at my Italian scene picture. Microwave on the counter and refrigerator in the background.


Here's the close up of my microwave. I love it! 
It's RED!




        These are antique pots my Momma gave me and they look so cute hanging on the wall!



This is the top of the refrigerator. The green glass bowl came from Robert's grandmother.

The apple came from his mom, the chicken from my Daddy's Momma and the sifter fromNana, my Momma's Momma's Momma.


This is above my sink. It's a window! The curtains match what's hanging between the blue drapes on the opposite side of the room in the dining room!


Here is my amazing RED mixer my Grandby gave me and canisters full of baking things.

Can you believe how much counter space I have?


Above the stove (bad, bad picture, cute, cute ideas).

My husband cooking breakfast for supper and my cute utensil holder.


 This thing used to be in my room when I was little. It makes a great place to put our toaster oven and it storage!

 These are erving utensils and chopsticks that my friend brought back from a mission trip!!!

 And the square below has a sad story… 

It's just a glass plate, but my Momma covered it with broken china. We bought antique salt and pepper shakers.

They were red and pretty and we were shocked to find them, and fairly cheap. We triumphantly brought them home, but my brother's friend accidentally dropped them. I was so upset, Momma saved the pieces and used them for this and another project you have yet to see!