Sunday, October 31, 2010

Etsy Shop!!!

OK, so I have started a new endeavor. It might seem like a really bad idea considering we have no internet at the house right now, but R just got internet on his phone and we have a friend who allows us to come abuse him for internet use and I can kinda jump on and check things after hours at work. So... I'm giving it a try! I just finished adding everything to the site. The prices are what I used when I tried to sell the same stuff at the Art Auction (let's not go down memory lane here) and from what I've been reading, I may be selling myself short. SO, these are special, introductory prices until I evaluate and decide what things are really worth!

On a completely unrelated topic, my glasses have a scratch RIGHT WHERE I LOOK THROUGH. We have scratch guard stuff and a free one time replacement warranty, but it's still driving me nuts because I haven't been able to get to the eye doctor's office when it's actually open.

And that's all I have for today.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catch Up?

How bout I not try to remember everything that has happened in like the two months since we moved and just tell you what I've done this past week? K? Cuz I don't think even I can come up with enough words for the past two months. I have finally finished the last stages of unpacking.

I hope.

I spent last weekend organizing half our craft room/office/sink area plus closets and finished this weekend. Well maybe not finished because I only really organized my stuff and there's kinda a pile in the corner of Robert's crap stuff. So here is photographic evidence of my hard work. And that's all I got for ya. I'd like to tell you the entertaining tale of my Momma and I running through Hobby Lobby taking all the free craft idea flyer thingies and using up all my Daddy's patience for the day, but I just don't have the time because I'm off to start an Etsy store!

I don't know  what happened, but I can't rotate pics anymore. So, hopefully, you're using your phone or laptop to read this and can just rotate your screen... Sorry...

This is my bookshelf finally organized. With books and crafty stuff and a shelf of just...well...crap that has no where else to go...

This is the sink area. With my jewelry and makeup and all that kinda stuff organized.
This is a blurry picture of the rest of the bathroom stuff and half my color organized fabric and my tackle box of thread, also organized by color and grouped with any matching bobbins. 

Seriously I was an organizing MACHINE. The other half of the fabric and the basket of stuff like scissors and pins and stuff that didn't fit into the jars at the left. Which there is a close up and less blurry pic down lower.

Here's what it looked like before. This pics aren't really in any particular order, can you tell?

Here's my feat of engineering. I really wanted these boxes up there but it wasn't working. SO, I got SUPER smart (seriously, ya'll, I was so impressed with this) and turned the two boxes of sweaters upside down. And it so all fits now. It's seriously a feat of engineering.

And my pet project. It's not done yet and I promise more pics of this because I'm super excited about it! I got the idea from one of the craft idea thingies from Hobby Lobby. I'll put up a pic of the idea and the finished project soon. I really cannot tell you how excited I am about this. I'm going to "back" the shelves (visual, not functional) and hang some of the jars and paint some of the lids. It's all sewing stuff. And the whole project-$20. : )


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ummm...Just Kidding?

I kind of lied to you. 

Because I was going to be taking my no-internet induced bloggy hiatus but then this happened and I just had to tell you about it.  So sorry.

I was moving the washer and dryer just to be able to sweep a sock out from behind that I saw. As I moved the dryer, I saw a lot more was back there. Things I know was never ours. Lovely, no? Anyways, I also found this.

And just so you aren't thinking it's no big deal, let me show you this.

Yes, it's still full of fluid.

Underneath the dryer.

Can anyone say "fire hazard?"

The End.


Well...It's Done...Almost...

We are back at the apartment one last time to briefly enjoy the internet and clean. We've only got about an hour left here so I need to make this short and get to cleaning! Life is a crazy, messy thing right now but it is bound to slow down one of these days, right? : )

Friday, July 23, 2010


So have I mentioned yet how much I hate moving? Cuz I do. I really, really, REALLY do. All my stuff lost in boxes. And while some people see a packed box as an accomplishment, I see it as something that has yet to be moved and unpacked. Everything else is almost done, but I have not even STARTED the kitchen. I plan to get pretty much everything done but the kitchen today and tomorrow when the guys are moving stuff into storage, I'll do the kitchen.

Today, I felt a little exiled while the guys were loading from the front of the house and I was packing the back. BUT it's cooler back here. Tomorrow, I'll be more in the thick of things but it will be hot. Very hot.

And the only thing I hate more than moving: heat. Humid heat.

I'm thinking we'll get done in time though. As I speak (er, type) the guys are roofing the storage shed so we can move all the storage stuff into it tomorrow. I'm supposed to be packing but I'm taking a break. But, as I said, I'm nothing if not repetitious, or wordy, I think I can get everything but the kitchen pretty much done tonight.

I really need to stop wasting time now. But I don't want to! I HATE MOVING!!!


End of the Day

Can I just take a few seconds at the end of this day to let you in on a little personal insight I just gained? I've been feeling guilty about feeling tired. It's rather silly, but if I am tired before all the things on my to-do list are done, I feel guilty about being tired. I somehow got it into my head that it's only OK to be tired when everything has been done. And sometimes my body does not agree with that.  I'm too tired to think this through any farther, say, to a solution, but the little light bulb just came on and I thought I'd share.

Also, I just found a mobile blogging option and have attempted to use it. We'll see if it works. (Not this post. A post with a picture of a rainbow I took in town.)


Monday, July 19, 2010

My Weekend

So the TBCWEA's conference this weekend was AMAZING as usual! I got some really amazing information and then slept from about 1 or 2 yesterday afternoon till 8ish. And then slept last night. So, I am behind on packing (even more than before) and, though I really want to tell you about driving in Dallas and the conference, I am afraid I won't have time to post before the move and after we will be without internet for awhile...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Results of My Research

So I read these books by Bodie Theone. There were two series and basically one was about the events leading up to WWII and the other about Palestine after WWII. It's fiction but her husband does tons of research for her books and, while it's a narrow view, they are very informative and interesting. (And, when finding that link, I totally realized there's more books than I thought! Oh my WORD, now I have to find them!)

So, because I can never have too much information and apparently have a slight problem with OCD, I started watching a documentary about WWII. It's done in Britain, so it's different than what we learn about in school. We kinda skip over, uhhh, half of it. It's like this: "There was Hitler. He was bad. He tried to take over Europe. There was a lot of fighting in France. Bunch of French cowards ran away. Then there was some bombing in England. Then, PEARL HARBOR. JAPANESE. WE HELPED IN EUROPE. WE WON!" But there's kinda more to it than that, you know? I'm finding out cool things about what happened before the USA got involved and the parts the USA wasn't involved in and it's really a different and broader view.

(Also, because it was made in Britain, sometimes I need subtitles for the people speaking English! The Italians, French, Germans, and Russians who are speaking English as a second language, I can understand. The English guys? They need to visit Henry Higgins. Seriously. "In Hartford, Hsomething, and Hampshire, hardly anything ever happens!" "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.")

Anyways, I'm sure it will surprise you all that I've become a little information obsessed and have been kinda doing research about WWII. It usually starts with me googling one thing, reading about it in Wikipedia, and then clicking on other things that catch my attention in that article. (It's the same reason Mrs. Hearbst would get mad at me in third grade when it took me a really long time to do the dictionary exercises. I would just get so distracted by the other interesting things on the page!) So I was reading something and came across "goosestepping." Now, I knew what goosestepping was, but I couldn't help myself. When I clicked it, I found out that there are some countries that still do it! Of course, this led me to YouTube.

I first found this video first.

Really, there's some major stretching that goes on before that. But extremely impressive. I especially am impressed with the stairs and the flawless transitions.

However, as we previously established, I couldn't stop there. Since that was the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Russia, I looked for a video of our guys doing the same at Arlington. Except they don't walk like that.

OK, remember how there was talking on that Russian video? And there didn't seem to be any reverence? Well, let me tell you, we don't do it that way in the good ol' US of A. No, sir.

Notice the quiet (well, except for the siren in the background).

Wanna know how we keep it that way? The guy asks for it in that last video. Wanna see how we enforce it?

This video won't embed. Watch it first and then the one below.

What cracks me up is that they say "it is requested that all visitors remain behind the chains and rails" and "it is requested that everyone maintain an atmosphere of silence and respect at all times." I'm sorry, requested? There is no arguing with that. None. Zero. I don't know if they would use deadly force to enforce those rules, but they sure sound like they could. With their bare hands.

So to sum up this post, I think this was better than the post I was going to write about the 4th of July. Because that post was gonna make fun of firefighters running away from fireworks that accidentally exploded too soon. Like, umm, on the ground too soon. (And they were complaining about wearing their full turnout gear on such a hot day! All they were doing is lighting a few fireworks, right? lol) But this? This is better. This country's reverence for it's fallen soldiers and the men protecting that reverence makes for a much more patriotic story!

Now, I'm off to make sugar cookies for my class tomorrow. Because I'm insane and don't have enough to do between packing for Dallas and packing to move and doing the laundry that will enable me to pack for Dallas. And water day. Oh, the insanity...


Monday, July 12, 2010

Guess What?

It's been a year and a month and six days since I started a blog. And I didn't even realize it till I read Jessica's post today. Oops. Oh, well. It's rude to throw yourself a party, anyways, right? : )

But, as I was thinking about blogging about the 4th, (I haven't yet, though, because the 5th I went swimming with my little friend E and her Momma M and E and I both got pink eye! So I've been sick and semi-packing, though I really should be doing lots more!) I started reading over some of my past posts. Good Lord, my life is deja vu!

Remember how proud I was of my packing accomplishments? I wish I could say the same this year. I think I'm stalling because I don't want to move. But I want to be in the position moving will put us in. So I really need to pack! Yet here I sit.

Anyways, in lieu of a new, original, and what I think will turn out to be hilarious post, if I ever get to, it post about the 4th, and also, in lieu of a little packing time (people! I'm gonna regret this in the next two weeks!!!) here are some of my favorite posts.

Sometimes, the comments are the best part! Also, I find it interesting that they are mostly from last year (the first half of my blog year) and that last year I wrote many more posts than this year (the second half). I started out strong with this blog thing but I've just not been keeping it up lately. A big part of that is probably the same reason I was so much better prepared to move last year. I just flat-out had more time. And, I worked really, really super hard and didn't let myself "fix" any of the posts I went back to read. So, yes, there are grammatical errors and things I could clarify. And, yes, it drives me a little batty that they're there.

And now I'm going to take a shower and then pack until I fall down from exhaustion. I might get a whole 10 minutes in.

I'm only kidding.

I'll get at least 20. : )


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Suppose Now It Is Official...

Hmmm....I guess I forgot to tell ya'll. It's cuz writing it down makes it official and I'm not really sure I want it to be...

It's the right decision. I know it is. But it makes me sad. And, I don't know if you remember this from about a year ago, but I HATE PACKING!

We have decided, reluctantly but whole-heartedly, to move in with my parents for a year. If we continue renting we are never going to be able to save enough money to buy a house. So, we decided to move in, pay them rent equal to half our rent now, and pay off all our debt (except our student loans) and be able to buy a house pretty soon after that. Even if we stay with them less time we will be in a better financial position than we are now. So we have begun the arduous task of packing. Not only packing but sorting things into get rid of, need at Momma's, and this can be stored for a year. And the need at Momma's furniture and stuff can't be more than can fit into two rooms. Not much more at least.

And, Robert is building a storage shed for us! For about $1500 instead of $4000 that it would cost to buy one.

And I, as always, am dragging my feet packing.

The last two places we left, we left on kinda bad terms. We had issues with management or the apartment, etc. This place we love. We love the apartment. We love the management. We love that they are fixing things THAT AREN'T YET BROKEN!!! Like replacing the siding. It needed to happen but it wasn't completely rotted off.

The point? I should be packing. But instead I'm complaining. So I'm leaving now...

Rachael, text me! We'll figure it out!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Delivery!

So I wasn't planning on writing today. I was just starting to pack (one box down. Full of fake flowers.) when I saw this on the piano. I think it came in the mail or was stuck on the door. I've been walking by noticing it for days but only just really looked at it. It was very amusing and I felt the need to share.

In case you can't read it, it says the phone number then "Free Delivery." Then the hours of operation and then some lines highlighting the fact that there's a "10% discount on all carryout orders." But delivery is free. LOL

And, Rachael-friend, I tried to treat you to Chick-Fil-A cuz I had a gift card and you missed your chance! Now if you want to hang out, I think you'll have to help me pack! : )

EDITED TO ADD: Guess what else was in the mail? A FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CARD TO WALMART. For free. Just cuz they built a new store. Well...combined the old one with the Albertson's that was next door but went out of business. And took over all the space that was between them.


I've Been Told...

That I'm missed.

I'm sorry.

However I'm tired and in a funk and feel like the post would be nothing but a jumble of complaining so I'm avoiding writing anything at all.

I hope to be back to my normal cheery ranting and raving self soon. : )


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Bunch of Nothing

Just so you know, one challenge has been fulfilled! I don't like to do the memes or stuff like "Wordless Wednesdays." I don't mind when other people do them. I just don't usually like doing them. But Brenda's challenge came at just the right time. (Side note: She wrote an awesome post today. I want to write a post as a kinda response because it really spoke to me but two things changed that. 1) I don't think my post would measure up and 2) I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about what it is that spoke to me. Not that it's a bad or sad thing, just that I need to get things a little more decided before putting them out here for people who will ask me in real life about it. : ) Not that I mind being asked, I just don't have an answer yet. Was that vague enough for you?) A desire to post something combined with major writer's block (due to having absolutely nothing to write about) had me happy to take the challenge.  Anyways, don't expect another post until after this weekend. My Rachael-friend is getting married and I am seriously more nervous about it than my own wedding! (Please do not interpret this as me being nervous about her marriage. I think she and Ashton will do great. It's the wedding I'm nervous about.) I think is because at my wedding I knew exactly what I was doing and when and had it all planned out. Plus, I had a marriage to be super excited about. And then, when it got down to it, I was just so in love and excited I just didn't care about the details as much as I had before. This isn't my wedding, so I have more time to dwell on details, I guess. But, Rachael has promised an e-mail detailing everything I need to know about the weekend and I'm sure that after the rehearsal I'll know exactly what I'm doing on the big day. And if I'm still nervous, I'll just suck it up. Because I love my Rachael-friend. And I know her wedding will be beautiful.

So the whole "Rachael-friend" thing is something I say in real life. About other people, too, but usually as a kinda term of endearment that I only really use with close friends. Well, my little friend, E, apparently picked it up. She refers to her friends at school as "my Ella-friend" or "my Bent-friend" (Brent). Or yesterday (and the person she's referring to here is like 13 and was playing with her and is nicknamed Savi) "my Sabi-friend." It just makes me laugh how she sound so grown up sometimes in her little tiny voice and funny little speech things she does. Like "Sabi" and "libin loom" (living room) and "bacloom" (vacuum). Today she told me "I wanna go to my cassroom while Miss Kistin use da bacloom because da bacloom sceery." Full on sentence, full on using those dependent clauses correctly, full on reasoning and expressing it, so grown up, but in that tiny little voice with all those little, for lack of better word, speech impediments (not that I truly think she is impeded. She is two and still working on it. And I don't think she has trouble making herself understood!) that are so not grown up.

And finally, (I know you secretly love my randomness and lack of any sort of transitionary device.) it's really funny and possibly says something a little sad about your life when someone says "Hey, Branalyn, I heard something the other day that made me think of you!" "Oh yeah, what was it?" "Well, Sheldon..." LOL (Sheldon is one of the main characters on the show The Big Bang Theory. He's got some major Asperger's symptoms going on.) To someone else it might've been a hint that perhaps I quote the show a little much, but I just thought it was funny. : )


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh How I Love a Challenge!

So I got a challenge from my bloggy follower that I don't know in real life, Brenda. She's very sweet! The challenge is for me to pick five photos I like and then say five things about me that I like and then challenge five bloggy friends to do it, too!

Photo 1) Me and my Daddy at my wedding reception. I love my Daddy. It's a really good pic of both of us smiling with our "Nixon eyes."
Photo 2) My husband, the preacher, and I. I just love this. It's funny. It's us. I got my husband to let the camera capture that he can be silly. : ) Plus, also, I look super skinny in this picture! ; )
 Photo 3) I know...this is kinda weird. But this is why. That hutch was my MeeMaw's. She died when I was 18 months old and so I really never knew her. Then it was my Aunt Sandy's. She gave it to me when I got married. She died this last Thanksgiving. From that description it sounds like I should hate it or be sad when I see it, but it makes me happy. It makes me think of them and all the other wonderful women that have shaped me (and are still shaping me) into the woman I am today. My MeeMaw also made the angel on the top shelf. It says on the bottom "I love you. MeeMaw. Dec. 87." Above the hutch is a hydrangea wreath. I wanted one two Christmases ago. Momma had no idea I wanted one. Guess what I got for Christmas from Momma? The curtain to the right is from my dorm room the year I lived with one of my best friends and the yellow plate and the pictures are UMHB reminders, too. The glass on top, the roses, the book, and the crystal (whiskey decanter lol) of sand are from my wedding. The other things are wedding presents. It's just
Photo 4) This is a picture I took at my Mamaw's house. It's the old milk barn's doors. I just really like it. I like old things. I like rustic things. I like family and heritage. I guess that's it...
Photo 5) This is from the SNOW DAY we had!!! It's at the amazing pre-school I work at, the church I am a member of (and love it), IT SNOWED!!, and quite possibly my most favorite child ever. (I've referred to her as E on here before.)

1) I love my new haircut and glasses! They make me look a little more my actual age!
2) I have a lot of patience. With preschoolers.
3) I have determination. (I graduated college in three years. I really thought that was something (in a self-deprecating wow I'm such a dork kinda way lol) until a girl at my church graduated college at SEVENTEEN! She has more determination. Plus is a thousand times smarter than me lol)
4) I can laugh at myself when I need to.
5) I can sew/craft/redneck rig things. Often for pretty cheap!

That was hard. If there are any objections, I will paraphrase Sheldon. Blog mei, reguli mei. That's Latin for My blog, my rules. Except not really because they didn't have blogs in Ancient Rome.

Now...who is going to take my challenge?
2) Bonnie
4) Renee


Friday, May 21, 2010

New Haircut

It occurred to me that I showed you my new glasses but not my new haircut! This is with the web cam so it's backwards...Or maybe it's not because it's like a reflection... I can never quite figure it out... My friend Mindy did it! Didn't she do awesome?!

There may or may not be a real kinda post in the near future. I have an idea I've been stewing about and want to write about but I can't afford to make ya'll any more promises I could possibly break.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Glasses!

So my old glasses broke. Really broke. Like in two pieces.

And so I got new glasses.

I like them a lot. But my husband laughed at me because of the case. Here you go. You can all laugh, too. 


To Sum Up...

There were many posts about my house. I just couldn't figure out how to get that all into one post. And, honestly, it's changed again! The dining room has shelves now, the mantel is different, the libin loom is rearranged, the green table (that I'm not even sure if you saw) is moved to the bedroom so that theoretically I can have a craft area (though it hasn't been used yet), causing the bedroom to be rearranged, and also the office. So my bathrooms are the same, but that's about it. And soon I'm going to have a shelf to hang in my shower/toilet room so that will be different, too! After I get that shelf hung, my Momma finishes fixing one of my lamps, and I get my house clean again, I'll post some pics of the changes. Which hopefully will be easier. I'm sorry this took forever and was so complicated...

My next goal is to get the pics of my crafts up and maybe tell you about that curtain rod project!


Not Sure What's Up With This One...

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Could be a Whole Post

This is the end of my curtain rod. The finial. There's an awesome story about it but it's for another day...

More House

The front door. Back to house. Dining room to the right, Living to the left. (Or as Em says "da libin loom" on the left.)

My bookshelf full of children's books.
Sheldon making a cutting remark and another libin loom shot.
My whole mantel.

House 3

This is the mantel. The left side.
This is the living room. The front door is on the right there. I LOVE the fireplace!
This is my TV. And Big Bang Theory. Funniest show ever.

And this is with my back to the fireplace. The hall is there on the Left.

More House

This is my front door. I'm showing it so show you that when my back is here, this is what my house looks like.
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