Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Been A Long Time, My Friends...

One day, I'm gonna get the hang of this whole "blog" thing.

I'm pretty sure it's not today.

Don't hold your breath.

I was thinking about all the things I've done recently and how I love to read tutorials on other people's blogs and how I could do that.

Then I realized I rarely take pictures of my processes.

In fact, I'm lucky if I take a before and after shot.

I've been trying to get over my camera issues, though.

(How many one sentence paragraphs can I do in a row?)

(Apparently, 9.)

(Unable to resist the urge to make it 10.)

Moving on.

(Crap, now it's 12.)

Continuing the list-like theme, here are the things that have changed since last time:

  • I started a part-time job.
  • I left the part-time job. (They didn't seem to think that little things like employment laws or Minimum Standards applied to them.  I disagreed and, rather than rock the boat anymore, decided to leave.  Plus it was a long drive with expensive gas and wasn't really worth it.)
  • I volunteered to teach preschool Sunday School (by which I mean the one preschooler we have at our church.)
  • I decided that I missed "my" Bible study and wanted to start one here.  We are meeting Monday nights at my house (I thought that would be more inviting to some, if we continue, I plan to use the church.  I think our poor church building is sorely under-used.) and doing the "Restore My Heart" study by Denise Glen.  Each week, I'm supposed to give them a trinket to remember what we talked about.  Instead, I'm making them make their own! (Actually, I thought it'd be great fun but I'm having more fun than they are.)
  • I volunteered to help direct VBS.  R also volunteered.  But he's going to lead Rec during VBS so he's more of a planning co-director and it will be all me come VBS week.  (Prayers for a smooth week! Actually, we are feeling major pressure as we are used to doing VBS quite differently than this church and the fact that we are planning this early is new to them but to us it feels like we are running way behind!)
  • Last Sunday, my one preschooler was sick so I started cleaning out my room.  I was nearly late to church (and I run sound!) but nowhere near done.
  • So after a couple more hours Sunday and a couple more hours this week, I have cleaned out a shopping cart full (literally!) of stuff that needed to live in the Resource Room and completely rearranged the classroom (switching some furniture between rooms, too.).  I still need to put things up on the walls and replace the chairs I stole from the other room. (Our church has a closet where lonely preschool chairs have gone to die.  I'm seriously not sure why they are all in the closet and not in the classrooms, but I found them and will use them.)  I also am on a hunt for some supplies for the room.  A stapler, for example.  
That's probably not everything, but it's all I can come up with.  There's also upcoming things like TWO youth camps (both of which I'm also going to) and various youth trips.  I'd love to make a trip to see my family or have them come see me, but life has been too busy all around.  AND


In September. 

I'm so excited.

And now that there's an odd symmetry to my post, I'm going to end it.


(Yes, I know I need to fix the whole background thing.  But I was attached and it took a long time to get the blog how I wanted and now they changed how to do that kind of stuff and I just haven't fixed it yet.  Sorry.)