Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revival Week

We've been having a revival at our church since Sunday.  It ends tomorrow.  For me, it has meant being at the church from 6:15-9:00ish yesterday and today and tomorrow to run sound.  Plus be there from noonish to 1:00ish to listen.

I have come up with a new rule of ministry-if you are going to do anything on the stage as a ministry (preach, music minister), take a turn in the sound booth first!!!  Off that soapbox now.

You know what?  Not off the soapbox, rant coming.  Let me just break the week down like this:

Saturday 4/27
Soundcheck...sort of

Sunday 4/28
9:45 Set up soundbooth
10:00 Set up Sunday School classroom
10:15 Teach Sunday School
10:35 Take Sunday School kid to the nursery, get the low down on the PowerPoint, etc.
10:45 Start background music and announcements on screen, Sunday School lets out
10:55 Get music for service (!!!)
11:00 Start service
12:20ish Service over
Everyone goes to lunch until close to 2
Get some rest
Start a project in the house
Find a dead mouse (eww)
5:15 Get back up to church, start setting up sound
6:45 Get video, several songs, and power point to play, amaze someone that I can in fact start his music as the video ends even though he is giving them to me on separate CDs (hello iTunes!) attempt to get it all on the computer, communicated, and ready to roll by 7...
7:00 Start service
8:something Go home and crash
10:something Get a second wind and attempt to do a couple things
Go to bed way too late

Monday 4/29
9:something Get up
Get some stuff done
Noon Go up to church, no soundboard, just listen to the guy, realize he looks just like my Daddy will look in a few years, it's his Doppelganger
1:00 Come home, get some more stuff done
3:30 Decide to rest awhile, check the mail first, open R's package and read the entire book
5:00 Realize I have stuff to do still and pick up and dust the house
6:00 Get re-dressed for leaving the house
6:15 Go up to the church to do sound
6:45 Again, actually get all the stuff to do during service including a picture to get off a flashdrive and music from two CDs to burn
7:00 Frantically finish things and start
9:00ish Go eat with a bunch of people
10:00 Get home
Get interested in something (I can't even remember) and end up going to bed way, way too late again

Tuesday 4/30
10:something Get up
Get nothing done, read some blogs
10:45 Frantically realize the time and get dressed
Noon:05 Make it up to church
1:00 Come home, get stuff done
2:30 Robert asks me to come to the church and talk about VBS
3:00 Go to Sonic
3:15 Work on VBS meeting a little, clean the bathroom
5:00 Decide to fold clothes while watching TV but end up only watching TV
6:15 Go up to church
6:45 Get stuff, asked to fix the monitors because sound isn't coming through and the singer can't hear his music, frantically try while getting lots of unhelpful advice from technologically inept people asking things like "is it plugged in?"
7:00 Start without resolving monitor issue (mics go through it, computer sound isn't going through)
9:00ish Get invited to supper and decide to go home instead (and rant, although that wasn't my original intent)

Wednesday 5/1
Noon Service
Stay at church and work on Sunday and VBS  meeting
Have some sort of youth thing that will involve me doing sound but I'm not even sure when it is or where it is
Revival, do sound (I guess? Still not sure where I'll be with the youth thing, etc.)
Go home, get a couple things done (I have seriously strived to do a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher every day.  The laundry often does't get folded till later, but it has made life easier if I stick to it)

Thursday 5/2
Get stuff done
Prep for going to the store
Figure out exactly how much we will have to spend on glasses
Work on the VBS meeting
Fold about a week's worth of laundry

Friday 5/3
Go to town
-Eye appointment
-Pick new glasses
-Tractor Supply for dog food
-Meet a former youth who moved away for a movie
-Go to HEB and shop for the whole month, plus get 12cents off/gallon of gas
Go home
-Unload and put away a month's worth of groceries
Work on the VBS meeting

Saturday 5/4 (May the 4th be with you!)
Noon Go up to church and prep for the meeting
2:00 Lead the VBS meeting
4:00ish Clean up the VBS meeting
Still have to prep for Sunday School

The music and speaking have been WONDERFUL this week at Revival, but I will be so, so happy when its next week and my time is "mine" again!

I feel like the VBS meeting and VBS itself is just racing towards us but there are so many other things going on that I haven't been able to work on them.  But I think most of May will be available to spend on VBS and that will help.

Meanwhile, I've done NOTHING to the living room curtains.  They may never be done.  Which is sad because there are other sewing projects I'm really looking forward to doing!