Thursday, October 17, 2013

Starbuck, One Year Later

So the first Sunday in October, 2012, we got a puppy.  Half lab half we-don't-know-but-have-several-theories, all black but a couple of white spots on her chest.  While I do love this dog, I tend to treat her like a dog (not in the figurative language phrase sort of way but in the way that I don't treat her like a person because she isn't one).  Robert, however, spoils her.  When he went out to buy two baby gates (to keep her contained to the utility room when she was a puppy since our fence wouldn't keep her in till R added to it and we didn't want her to be able to be in the rest of the house without one of us carefully watching), puppy food, a collar, and a leash, he also came home with a stuffed duck.  We named the dog Starbuck (from Joss Wheedon's version of Battlestar Galactica...we're dorks like that) and the duck Donald.
Exhibit A of the spoiledness.  I do not allow the dog on the couch.  Robert does.  Also, Starbuck sleeping with Donald. 
Starbuck loved that duck.  She loved it and squeezed it...until it died...
That white stuff?  That's Donald's innards. And this picture is fuzzy because she is shaking Donald.
Donald now looks like this:
Could I have cropped out the ironing board leg and most of the hideousness of the carpet in my craft room?  Yes.  But you should know by now not to come here for the quality of pictures.

So, because he is such a dog-spoiler, Robert got Starbuck a belated birthday present today.  I dubbed her "Daisy."
So sorry there's not a picture of fresh new Daisy...I didn't think that far ahead.
Daisy has been carried all over the house and has already lost a leg and some "feathers."
Daisy and her leg.

Daisy losing some "feathers."

Starbuck "loving" on Daisy.
I put Donald out and she was having trouble deciding between them.  But Daisy won.

Poor Daisy.
At least she doesn't have milk teeth anymore?

In an effort to come full circle, here is Starbuck sleeping with both Daisy and Donald today:
Notice that, as I am in charge, she is sleeping on the floor.  Because she is a dog.