Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bloggy Activities

Just feel like I should add an update.

  1. Still love my job.
  2. The morning lead is from Denmark. She's fluent in English. Sometimes I forget she's not a native. Like when she didn't know what a Dixie cup was. She also speaks Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, and 2 more languages I forget right now. So these books I'm reading are about Norwegian immigrants and, though it's in English, there are Norwegian names and phrases. So I totally took it up to her and she taught me how to say the words. I knew what all of them meant from context clues, etc. but it was fun to know exact meanings and how to say them. Like this name "Hjelmer Bjorklund" is said "Yelma Biyorklund" and the phrase "mange takk" means thank you very much and is said "mang (short ending) ta(like a schwa, almost an o sound)k" so so so much fun!!!
  3. I have already gotten back to driving like a College-Station-ian. So not to get smashed by stupid Aggies. Who are coming back.
Now I am going to unpack/decorate/cook something.