Friday, August 21, 2009


7 Things I miss about Belton:
  1. Being 2 seconds and walking distance of HEB
  2. The traffic....or lack there of
  3. The allergy nurses
  4. Rachael, the girls, their house
  5. The fact that there's lots of trees everywhere and it's pretty to drive around most places
  6. KKM and all my friends there
  7. Dr. Skaggs : (
7 Things I missed about CS and can now enjoy:
  1. Being close to my Momma and Daddy and able just to go on over when I want
  2. Having a place I can go out (Momma and Daddy's) where it's out of the city and relaxing
  3. The fellowship of wonderful, Christian friends at a wonderful church
  4. A worship service where people actually worship
  5. No smoking in any restaurant anywhere, all the time and quite a few other public places
  6. More people than just me going at least the speed limit on roads
  7. Having a "full time" job I really enjoy
And something else-we've never paid for TV since we were married. In Belton, we could actually pick up CBS (and CW), ABC (and Telemundo and the weather), Fox, PBS (and the Pentagon Channel), and sometimes NBC (and weather). Now all we get is PBS (a weird weather channel and something stupid that I think is called the Research channel), Fox, and CBS (and CW). However, we can probably get TV you pay for if we get it through Dish because Robert gets a discount through work. Though there's other things we have to take care of first. I just wasn't sure how to put that in my list. Plus a list of 7 is better than 8.

Also, please pray for my friend OTT. It's a funny nickname and I'd say more about why she needs prayer if I thought I should, but really just please pray for her and her husband.

There's a lot I should be doing but I am exhausted today. Taking the children outside in the heat today, for only 15 minutes-FIFTEEN MINUTES-sucked the life right out of me. It's crazy hot.

And now I have moved right into the complete rambling stage where I am only avoiding the work I know I need to do...