Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Town, New Job, New House!

Alright ya'll. I finally feel like posting. Nothing too blog-worthy has actually happened but I feel I've neglected ya'll long enough. (I love that I actually believe that people are waiting on pins and needles for me to post : ) ) We have internet! Yea! It's the good stuff, too, cuz it's a promotional offer. So I'm writing this post with 7 YouTube videos downloading. And it's not even all laggy. Amazing.

I love, love, l-o-v-e, my job!!! My class is SUCH a fun age! I work with amazing grown-ups, too. I really need this to get my feet back under me. I've had the bad experiences that I just need to have this great job to help me remember what it's really like! My kids are 14-19 months. One of them is obsessed with "a pish" known to the rest of the world as Nemo. Yesterday she started saying "a hoo wa hoo wa ho ho ho." Well, not exactly, but that's the part she was trying to quote. You know, the part where they make Nemo "Sharkbait" (ooo ha ha). : ) She is too funny. We have a new girl who just started and she is too cute. Speaks very clear, potty training, and cute, cute, cute! We have one boy with curly, curly cute blond hair. A little blonde haired girl who is so preciously sweet. And another little girl that we finally coaxed a laugh out of yesterday. I love working with these babies!

Our new house is pretty cute. It's another 2 bedroom but it has a bathroom and a half. It's actually a pretty crazy set up but it totally works. From the hallway, you walk into a half bath-sink and potty, which also has the washer/dryer. From there you can go through another door, which leads to the shower room that also has a potty. This room also has 2 doors. One leads back to the half bath and the other leads to the bedroom via a little vanity sink type area. Then from the bedroom, you can get back to the hallway! Maybe I'll post a picture of a floor plan soon. Anyways, it's overall slightly bigger and not so much run-down like our last place. And brighter. We like it. It's still a maze to get through with all the boxes not yet unpacked and half decorated, but it'll get there! All my stuff is in my kitchen and I actually have space left over. No joke. Which means I can get some of the stuff that mom's been storing for me in my own house! And, when I find the perfect shelves, I can display some of my antique dishes. Or maybe get my husband or Daddy to build for me... Christmas present? : ) Seriously, when I get everything all pretty, I'll post some pics. Which might be next year. You know, right before we move again. Oh, well. I enjoy decorating. Just not packing/unpacking.

Robert started his job this Monday. He's in training which means he works 4-midnight. He thinks he'll like the job, and we'll get a major discount for Dish network, which we might take advantage of at some point. After 4 weeks, he'll actually start and then I guess we'll know what he really thinks!

I am so happy about all the friends I've come back to and those I've quickly become friends with. We have an awesome Sunday School class and I didn't realize how much I missed Bob leading worship music until we came back. It's less him or his style and more that he actually loves what he's doing and is worshiping, too. It's difficult to explain. But I like it and have missed it.

Well, I've got about 2 hours before Robert will be home. I have some food to put away, dishes to do, laundry to fold, and should probably unpack at least 1 box.

Oooo, a tip from me to you? One I'm so excited I came up with? I had one of those drawer organizers that's supposed to be for an office desk drawer that can no longer serve it's intended purpose. I used it to organize my "baking stuff" drawer. I'm so impressed with my ingenuity! And the dishwasher didn't even warp it or anything!
I had to take 2 pictures to really show it. Because I took them with my computer's web cam. It was handy. And didn't have to search for any cords or anything!

And now, I must go accomplish something...