Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1

So BigMama decided on her blog that she was gonna read the Bible, chronologically, in a year with the Message translation. It's a new, fresh approach because reading the same old verses you can quote by heart doesn't always get you to think about what you are reading. She had gone out to buy a Message Bible and linked us to a website that she was following to know what to read each day. I was intrigued by the idea because I once read the Bible in a year but Leviticus boggs you down and the geneologies get tedious and so many of the verses you just know by heart you don't really stop to think about, so reading chornologically was something I've always wanted to do and using the Message just sounded like a good idea.
I knew Robert had a Message/NIV parallel so I didn't go buy anything. I just went in to get it and saw we also have a just plain Message so I decided to read that one. In fact, I decided to count and, if you include just New Testaments and a Children'ts Bible, we have 19 Bibles. I think. I mighta missed one or two. Ridiculous, isn't it? I guess that's what happens when your husband is a Christian Ministry major...

So, September 1, 2009.
Day 1.
Gen. 1-3.
The Message
Yeah, I totally laughed out loud and then felt a little blasphemy when it said “God spoke: Earth! Green up!”
Made me think of like Cowboy Up or something. I'm not exactly sure why, but it hit my funny bone.

On a completely unrelated note, I totally have a flip-flop tan from the playground. It makes me laugh big time.