Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 2

I'm teaching a little girl in my class who's obsessed with Nemo this: Me: "What does a turtle say?" E: "Duuuude."

It's hilarious. I know.

My momma and I have already corrupted her enough that she says a puppy says "Woof" and then pants. She knows a kitty cat says "Meow" and hisses. A lizard sticks it's tongue out. A horse makes that sound they/we make with blowing air through our lips.

Also, for really no reason at all, today was the longest day in the world and I'm ridiculously tired.

And Even Now, by the amazing Karen Kingsbury,  is such a wonderful book. But then, everything she does is awesome.

So, September 2, 2009.
Day 2.
Gen. 4-7.
The Message.

Genealogies that didn't make me want to already give up my commitment to read all the way through the Bible.

Noah's story. With ark measurements in units I ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND and can kinda picture in my head except it's huger than my mind really thinks about.