Thursday, October 22, 2009


OK so I just found out someone who doesn't know me is reading my blog. It puts a weird different pressure on this whole blog thing. Maybe not pressure. That's too strong of a word. But always before I've just written and known those who know me love me anyways if what I write stinks and makes no sense and, besides, if they know me, they can probably make sense of what I wrote. Now I have to stop myself from over-explaining. (I know. It's totally shocking that up till now I haven't felt I was over explaining.)

The point is, (sorta) thank you, Brenda.

(Pretend there's a segue here.) : )

I'm so into the show Bones right now. I'm almost done with season 3. I'm not really sure what about it reels me in, but I can't seem to get enough of it! I have begun quoting the show. That's when I know it's a good one. I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the whole Sith Lord thing. "There's always two. A master and an apprentice."(look, I figured out how to spell it! lol) And then "Dude, did you just Star Wars us?" SO FUNNY!!!

I think my favorite quote just might be when Bones said to Booth "Can't you just be satisfied that if I'm wrong about God I'll burn in hell?" If you're not a fan, here's where I make that make sense. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist which basically means she looks at people's bones (hence the nickname) and can figure out how they lived and died. She uses her skills as a liason to the FBI, helping them solve cases where a normal autopsy wouldn't answer questions. Bones is also an atheist. She believes only in what she can empiracally prove with science. Her FBI partner, Special Agent Sealy Booth, is a Catholic. He seems to be a practicing Catholic, he's shown praying and once said he goes to mass every Sunday, but he also is a little promiscious. Here's where I'm going. Bones and Booth constantly argue about the validity of Christianity (or any religion, but they mostly talk about Christianity because Booth is Catholic) and at one point Bones says, "Can't you just be satisfied that if I'm wrong about God I'll burn in hell?"

I laughed.

I thought, and still think, it's hilarious.

But it got me thinking, too.

Yes, it's important to tell others about Christ, to share His love. (And, you know, save them from burning in hell...) It just doesn't work, though, to badger someone into Christianity.

It doesn't totally translate from their situation, but I think the point works.

And, as I'm somewhere between tired and punchy right now, I'm leaving you to figure out your own conclusion. : )