Monday, October 26, 2009

Transformers 2

Uh, yeah, AWESOME! Not sure it was as good as number 1, but didn't bomb miserably like many sequels, Pirates of the Caribbean's sequel for instance. Here's my "review" lol. I'm not giving anything away, so don't be afraid to read it!

  1. How, how, did that girl keep those white pants so clean. SERIOUSLY. I can't even keep a white shirt clean for 5 minutes in surburban America. Much less a desert in Eygpt.
  2. It's always a little confusing who is who during an Autobot/Decepticon battle, but at the very end it was really hard. I mean Autobots are good guys and have color. Decepticons are bad guys and are pointy and only metal colored. But the last battle of this movie: confusing.
  3. What happened to the little guy after they got to Petra? Which is totally in The Last Crusade. I thought about the big door thing when I saw it in that movie.
  4. I really like the implication that Bush was concerned enough with national and world wide safety to have the Autobots on our side and trust the military to handle them and Obama sent the bureaucracy that had no clue what was going on to deal with them and send them away. And what happened to him? TOO FUNNY. Take care of the VIP. LOL
Completely unrelated to the movie, I am writing this post sitting on my new bar stool! I took them from my Momma. And did a lot of work to this one and need to do a lot of work on the other one! However, I think I'm coming down with painter's finger. It's like (OK I couldn't think of anything. It's kinda like a blister or something that makes things feel really weird) only paintier. ("And I think I'm coming down with swipe wrist. It's like carpel tunnel only swipier.") I really want to to document the process on the next one but I already covered both seats so you won't get to see the creepy bunnies with the veggies or, what I found underneath it, a pink shiny fabric with stripes. Trust me, whatever you're imagining, it's worse.

I'm off to admire my new barstools some more. And watch the Girls.

"Pedro's friends talked in code?" "Well, Spanish, technically, but same difference."

"Yeah, well, live and learn. Like now I know not to drink the water in Mexico, which, by the way, somebody should really tell you. And I learned I'm not morally against murder, I just wish I had the guts to do it."