Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Suppose Now It Is Official...

Hmmm....I guess I forgot to tell ya'll. It's cuz writing it down makes it official and I'm not really sure I want it to be...

It's the right decision. I know it is. But it makes me sad. And, I don't know if you remember this from about a year ago, but I HATE PACKING!

We have decided, reluctantly but whole-heartedly, to move in with my parents for a year. If we continue renting we are never going to be able to save enough money to buy a house. So, we decided to move in, pay them rent equal to half our rent now, and pay off all our debt (except our student loans) and be able to buy a house pretty soon after that. Even if we stay with them less time we will be in a better financial position than we are now. So we have begun the arduous task of packing. Not only packing but sorting things into get rid of, need at Momma's, and this can be stored for a year. And the need at Momma's furniture and stuff can't be more than can fit into two rooms. Not much more at least.

And, Robert is building a storage shed for us! For about $1500 instead of $4000 that it would cost to buy one.

And I, as always, am dragging my feet packing.

The last two places we left, we left on kinda bad terms. We had issues with management or the apartment, etc. This place we love. We love the apartment. We love the management. We love that they are fixing things THAT AREN'T YET BROKEN!!! Like replacing the siding. It needed to happen but it wasn't completely rotted off.

The point? I should be packing. But instead I'm complaining. So I'm leaving now...

Rachael, text me! We'll figure it out!