Friday, July 23, 2010


So have I mentioned yet how much I hate moving? Cuz I do. I really, really, REALLY do. All my stuff lost in boxes. And while some people see a packed box as an accomplishment, I see it as something that has yet to be moved and unpacked. Everything else is almost done, but I have not even STARTED the kitchen. I plan to get pretty much everything done but the kitchen today and tomorrow when the guys are moving stuff into storage, I'll do the kitchen.

Today, I felt a little exiled while the guys were loading from the front of the house and I was packing the back. BUT it's cooler back here. Tomorrow, I'll be more in the thick of things but it will be hot. Very hot.

And the only thing I hate more than moving: heat. Humid heat.

I'm thinking we'll get done in time though. As I speak (er, type) the guys are roofing the storage shed so we can move all the storage stuff into it tomorrow. I'm supposed to be packing but I'm taking a break. But, as I said, I'm nothing if not repetitious, or wordy, I think I can get everything but the kitchen pretty much done tonight.

I really need to stop wasting time now. But I don't want to! I HATE MOVING!!!