Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Cannot Tell You How Many Of These I've Written...

Seriously.  How many posts have centered around all the things I haven't gotten done today?  I did pretty much read all of this hilarious blog.  Pay special attention to these gems. Seriously, they could've been written by my brother.  Except I'm not sure he would've had the patience/audacity/gumption to continue past the first few texts, much less into a second day! 

I originally planned to do nothing today, because that is how most of my Sundays go.  BUT I did nothing yesterday, so I felt the need to transfer the goals.  It didn't work.  I do need to go take the clothes out of the dryer and move the clothes from the washer to the dryer so they don't mildew.  Mostly because that would just equal more effort later.  Also, I'm not quite sure why, but R has been completely incapable of using a cup for more than two swallows so all of our cups are either (clean) in the dishwasher or in the sink or randomly placed around the house where he has left them even more than he usually does.  So I should probably go empty the dishwasher and attempt to re-load it. 

Also, because I cannot seem to get anything done without impending doom type goal setting, I decided that, since I've been completely focused on unpacking and decorating and getting rid of all the crap vintage items the woman who used to live here left (actually, a lot of it has been really cool or come in handy.  And by "a lot" I mean somewhere around 1/2.  Which is really not such a bad ratio if you think about it.) so we can actually us the storeroom as a storeroom and the middle bedroom as a bedroom (it still is about half full of stuff, but it's stuff I want to find a home for inside so...), etc., I should now focus on cleaning for a few days.  I decided (like 2 or 3 days ago) that if I cleaned 2 rooms a day for the next few days (skipping Sunday), I would be done by the time people came for Thanksgiving.  The problem, though, is that I don't feel an overwhelming need for my house to be spotless for the family that is coming (because of how much I love them, not because I don't).  But I do want to show off how different the house is since they were last here, so it'd be nice for it to be a little cleaner for that.  Especially since our puppy Starbuck has discovered a new love of sneaking into the little trashcan that basically has nothing but used tissues in it and then proceeding to MAKE IT SNOW (say that in a really excited part-lab puppy voice) in the living and dining room.  (Also, she destroyed her stuffed duck, Donald.  Part of the snow is his guts.)


 Here is a better picture of her (see the bits of puppy snow?):

And, yes, she is named Starbuck not StarbuckS.  It's after Lt. Kara Thrace, call sign "Starbuck," from Battlestar Galactica.  Because we are that kind of geek.

I'm off to keep laundry from mildewing and hunt down cups.  We'll see if I accomplish my goals in typical down-to-the-wire fashion...

(Also, I'm really excited my Momma and Daddy and brother are coming for Thanksgiving!  I cannot tell you how many things we have discovered that we have wanted their opinions on.  Like if the wiring in this house will kill us.  Or what color to paint these square metal things.  Or how exactly we should hang the chandalier Mom found for THIRTY AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!!! in my craft room/guest room/black and white toile haven.)

Love to you all (unless you are a lurker I've never met, then I don't know if I love you),