Saturday, November 17, 2012

A New Leaf

OK, so for two years I lived in the boondocks with no real internet access and gave up blogging.  Now, we have moved to West Texas and have internet at home!  So, I'm (maybe) going to take up blogging again.  I made a list before we moved of things I want to do after we moved (since I don't have a full-time job here, I've applied to sub, but they haven't called me yet).  Here it is:
Creating trainings to teach childcare teachers
Taking hours needed to be qualified director
Selling sewn and crafted items

So far, all I've done is decorating and blogging.  

Eventually, I'll edit some video I've done of "befores" of the house.  Or maybe even take some stills from the videos.  I've got some pictures of the "after" so far as I've already done.

Also, I've given up my Etsy shop.  I may try to start it again, or I may just ignore the last item on my list.

I'm excited to say that my craft room is finally set up!  I still need some shelves for both decoration and storage, but otherwise I'm pretty well done.  The only two rooms we haven't really touched yet are the middle bedroom and bathroom.  The middle bedroom has been a catch-all for us.  It still has several things in it that I need to move so we can put furniture in there.  R's parents have furniture in his room at home that is supposed to be his.  It's family heirloom furniture.  I'm not really in a big hurry to get it because, at this point, it'd be a pain to get it cleared out.  We also haven't touched the bathroom.  The plan is to try to level the house this winter and then work on the bathroom in the spring.  It de-sperately needs a new sink, new floor, and new walls.  You'll see when I get the pictures up.

OK, I'm done for today.  Maybe when I get back in the swing of things I'll have a less disjointed post! : )