Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mount Everest

The number of views my Revival week post has gotten is now almost as many as the I Know Him post.


Apparently people really identify with the absence of appreciation for the sound person.

Or a couple people shared it on Facebook and people got curious.


Yes, I know that today I have 5,000 loads of laundry to fold and preparation for town and (I don't think I mentioned this one) but a couple days catch-up to play with my Bible study "homework" but I have done none of that so far today.

Also, it's 43 degrees right now with a "feels like" of 35 because of the wind.  Please understand that I hate the hot and am totally fine with the cold so I am not complaining, but I'm just a tad confused.  Isn't it May?!? I was wearing shorts and short sleeves yesterday! The a/c was going! I can't recall ever running the heater in MAY before! It's good for the dog though, because we discovered yesterday while she was inside that she is in heat.  You can really only tell on my gold carpet here in my craft room, and really there's no making that look any worse so its OK.  (Also, we need some major prayer intervention because we have always intended to have her fixed but we keep spending money on things like people medical bills and have not had any to spend on puppy medical bills and now she's in heat and there are lots of stray dogs in this town and just dang it...) The point is, she's all black and it was hot outside and now she can't come inside for a little while and I am of the opinion that she is a dog and she has shade and water and she can take care of herself but Robert wants her to come inside when it's really hot and I don't usually mind letting her inside and would let her in if she wasn't in heat so its good that its not hot.  (Yes, I know that was a run on sentence.)

I wanted to show you the stairs one must climb to reach the sound booth.  (See? I can write a proper sentence.)  As I told my Danish friend yesterday, there are no mountains in Norway as steep as those stairs. And here's the thing--you have to go DOWN some stairs just to get to the stairs to go UP to the sound booth.  It's like this: to get into the front door of the church, you have to go up outside stairs, then up the stairs to the sound booth.  BUT if you went in the back door because you had to go to the office first or whatever, the door opens onto the landing that's halfway up the stairs, so you go up half a flight of stairs.  Then, you walk through the sanctuary, going slightly uphill, and out the main doors to the sanctuary, down a few stairs, up a couple steps, open the door to the sound booth and go up those stairs.  Here, I took some pictures:

Down the stairs first 
Up these stairs to the door

These stairs are so cramped and steep, I couldn't actually get a picture.  My foot is just barely bigger than the treads and the risers are pretty much the same size.  If I stick my elbows out when I climb the stairs, they touch the walls on both sides.

Trying to show how steep they are.

Trying to show how many there are, but this is  cutting off some of the bottom stairs.

And then at the top, you have to turn and take one more step up.
It's kind of crazy.  And I climbed them somewhere between 8 and 8,000 times yesterday.

BUT I won.  The monitors work, the recording works, the computer is playing through an actual channel that has a slider and l/r and not just a knob to control the volume and it's all good.

And my pants should fit better today.