Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where Are You August?

1st week of June: VBS.
2nd week of June: Tuesday night movie night with youth, plus regular stuff, plus camp prep
3rd week of June: Camp
4th week of June: Monday-supper with youth who went to camp, Tuesday-movie night with youth, plus regular stuff, plus Friday's monthly shopping trip and some fixing on my car

And honestly, July is not gonna be much better.  It's *mostly* fun stuff, but I like my routines and regularities and its draining to be out of sorts every other week.

I have a couple fairly big things planned for August-a girls' night with the youth girls and a hopeful business venture that I'll explain about in a minute-but right now I am looking forward to the normality that should return come August.  Also, I finally convinced R to go work out with me in August because I went to the doctor yesterday and I did not like how much the scale said I'd gained since moving here!  I'm also excited about the girls' night and business venture, though both will require quite a bit of work and the business thing is kinda scary!

So... Business venture...

For almost a year now I have been trying to think of things to do in our new life out here that will help give me some purpose.  And now I have decided to create a training business.  I conducted several trainings for W.E.E. School and, to my surprise, actually liked talking in front of grown ups! (As long as the subject was child development at least...) After several false starts in various ventures, I think, pray, and hope I have landed upon one that I will enjoy and can do--starting my own business doing trainings for childcare centers and other similar clients. (Doesn't the word "client" make that sentence sound so grown-up and formal!?)

R helped me start a website-I will make it my own domain in August before making business cards and visiting as many centers in the area as possible to give out my card and probably some sort of brochure and/or portfolio.  I also arranged to teach a training at W.E.E. again this August with the purpose of recording it.  The website is still very much a work in progress-there are pages that need to be finished, pictures to be taken and added, recordings to be taken and added, two trainings I've had in my head to get out and up, plus stuff I'm sure I haven't even thought of yet!  But I am quietly (for now) excited and would love any website critiques, exposure, promotions, ideas, what-have-you from the peanut gallery out there!