Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Hope You Can Stand the Excitement

Really, nothing exciting has been happening.  The couple things that have happened, I don't wanna talk about here.
I am still woefully behind on laundry.
I've developed an unhealthy love of these cookies but finished them yesterday and have held off from making more.
I've been trying to create a front bodice sloper and am frustrated but not giving up.
When it's done, and the back, too, I'm gonna make a shirt like this.
I've been working on the Child Development in the Bible Training so I'll be ready for my first booked gig.
I discovered this morning, while looking for new and exciting PowerPoint Templates, a "design set" that basically can be used to make all my business stuff look the same.  It's pretty cool and I spent way too long downloading and then renaming everything.
Also, I didn't know I had Publisher on my computer until this morning and the downloads, which is exciting.  I feel I should've known something like that...
The garbage truck picking up the dumpsters in the ally sounds like that monster/machine thing on Lost.

Craigslist has failed me so far in my search for a filing cabinet.
That's all the mundane things I can think of.
Let's hope this writers block goes away soon because its affecting my training making.