Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things I Was Planning To Say...

This will be more of a numbered list than real paragraphs because Saturday night my nose turned into a leaky faucet and it's just gotten worse since.  My sleep last night was disrupted, at best, because post nasal drip is the bane of my existence.

1. I have been through three boxes of Delightful Tissues since Saturday night.  They are seriously the best tissues ever.

2. Last week I finished the training and practiced it once through.  I plan to practice it again today and then I should be good until next Thursday, when I'll set up and practice again, and Friday when I present it!

3. Please pray I am better by next Tuesday when I have to fly by myself.  It will be the first time I've flown by myself and the second time I've ever flown.  And that I'm even better by next Thursday when I have to talk for 3 hours almost straight.

4. I made a dress and a skirt, each with a grand total of 3 seams and no hemming (knits), though I may go back and do some sort of wrapped hem on the dress.

5. I got a new laptop (though I'm typing this with the old).  The old one seems to still be holding up and living, but it was scarily not recognizing the power cord for about two days there and it has a grand total of 5 minutes of battery life.  The new computer is tiny but powerful, so I named it Sting.  (Sting was Bilbo and Frodo's sword.  They were hobbits and therefore small.  The "sword" was actually a dagger or knife by normal standards.  But it was very sharp and powerful and had special properties.  Really, the name just shows I'm a dork and that "Mighty Mouse" was too run of the mill for me.  But it's funny and makes sense if you know what I'm referencing...) It has a touch screen and the only complaint I have is that I wish the screen folded all the way back so I could hold it like a tablet, also.

6. I also made a case for my laptop.  I cut up an old yoga mat and some crib bumper batting to pad it.  I think it turned out well but I did have to rip way too many seams and my first attempt ended up in the trash.  (My mother in law gave me the bumper batting to use for the fabric baby books I made for my nephews one year at Christmas.  It's a convenient size for quite a lot of things.  But I don't endorse bumper pads because suffocation.)

7. Then I decided my dress I made was just shoulder to floor RED! so I needed some sort of broach to break it up.  So I made 4 yesterday.  They were really easy and I got carried away.  But now I'm contemplating what to use to actually make them wearable.  They have to be detachable because they will probably disintegrate in the wash.  My original idea was safety pins but now I'm thinking that would just tear the knit dress or shirt I would wear it on.  Magnets seem like a good idea, but I'm not totally sure how to execute that and I don't think I currently have any magnets to use.

8.  I had an infertility related post in my head about how stupid the government is (one of the routes we are looking into is legal risk foster-to-adopt) and also about things that people say that are unintentionally hurtful.  But my head is too full of snot to remember what I was going to say and I have no desire to bring myself anywhere near tears until this head cold is cleared up.

9. Thursday night is a Girl's Night for the youth girls.  We are going to make our own pizzas, talk about modesty, and play games.  I tried to be as uninvolved in the planning as possible (letting a youth girl take the lead) but I have a feeling since she has started band 2-a-days, I'm gonna be way more in charge of prepping and the night than I wanted to be.

10. Also, wasn't August supposed to slow down?!  It has, but not quite enough for me...

That's all of the randomness I can capture from my fuzzy brain today.  One day, I'll get back to writing real posts.  I hope.