Friday, February 26, 2010


*********EDITED TO SAY: Grandby and my Daddy told me I had a blog when my stove caught fire at my previous house and I'd blogged about it. But I can't find that post to link to it and I'm pretty sure it happened before I had a blog (as if such a time existed lol). But I'm also pretty sure most of ya'll who read this know the story and the rest of you can just see the humor in the statements made  on this post.**************

So my surprise two year old helper was with me again today. It made for a very fun day and this amazing compliment "I like your's hair. It's so much pretty." which totally made up for when I said "I love you!" and she said "I love Lena, Co-ban, and Robert." (aka my Momma, brother, and husband in 2-year-ese). My Grandby came to town and we did Christmas! It was lots of fun. (Also, she gave me a fire extinguisher. She insists it was in no part related to the fire-on-the-stove incident, but I just don't believe her. IT WAS NOT MY FUALT!!! THE STOVE WAS 40 YEARS OLD! APPLIANCES WERE NOT MADE TO LAST THAT LONG!!!)

Back to the point, if there ever was a point.. I took many pictures today to use for the rest of the house, but it's not gonna happen today. I also spent some time going through my fabric because the preschool I work at is having an art auction in April and I am super excited to say we are going to have a "store" this year where teachers can make things and sell them. A portion of the proceeds will benifit the school, but we are getting to make money off of it, too!!! Since most of my fabric was given to me or bought such a long time ago I don't even remember what I paid for it, I can donate a good bit and still make money! I will have to buy most of the accent type things though (beads, fringe, whatever) which really is what will add up, so I'll have to price accordingly. Also, I have 6 weeks and have decided to attempt 10 bags to sell, 1 to donate as raffle, and 8 cutesy burp rags. If I do 2 bags and a burp rag a week for 5 weeks and then 1 bag and 3 burp rags for a week I should get it done, so I will be busy, busy, busy like I was before Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I am going to try to finish my Momma's Christmas present tonight...Let's hope I keep that intention more than the show off my house one...

AND, speaking of my house and intentions, we are going to try to finish the shelves for my dining room tomorrow!!! I'm super excited and hope it really happens!!!

So, now for the title of the post, spider. I was in my room sorting through the fabric, deciding what I really wanted to keep because I have intentions for it, what is adorable and I hate to part with, but really, won't that make a bag that will sell, so shouldn't I just use it?, what it really just not going to work with anything else, etc. and talking to my friend (the 2 year old's Momma) on the phone when I notice that there are tiny ants (I'm assuming they are ants...they are leveling our foundation right now so they probably came up because of that) on this little place I normally set my computer. Then I notice there's a (also very tiny) spider attacking one of them! She (because Charlotte is a girl, of course) caught the ant and was wrapping it up in her silky threads. IT WAS SO COOL!!!

Now that the would-be tiny post has had about a million and a half words more than intended, I'm hoping my intentions to make the valance curtains for the office, finish Momma's Christmas present, and make the baby blanket for a friend up to the point of needing to buy the rest of the supplies intentions are actually followed through. In like two hours or less. I dream big.