Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My House Part 2

So, there's still no floorplan, that can come at the end and tie it all together!
Here's the church and the snow from today!

Here's the outside of my house. It's what you see when you drive up, but my house isn't really in the picture. It's my neighbors'.
Do you see the snow falling?!?!?
 This is the balcony at the side of our house. the sliding glass door leads into the living room and the windows on the right is the office window. Also, see the chimney? Yup, we have a fireplace!!!

Here's the whole length of the side of the house. There's a tree obscuring the balcony.

 Here's the front door of our house! 

 Now here's some more snow pictures!!! This is on the balcony!

Now here's just a picture of random snowmen.

That's a yard stick. Seriously.
And here's the snowman I made!!!

Again, that's a yardstick!
Seriously, we had at two inches of snow in most places, and there were places where it was much deeper!!!
OK, so this wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be! And hopefully this is a more compatible design for the blog!