Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Bunch of Nothing

Just so you know, one challenge has been fulfilled! I don't like to do the memes or stuff like "Wordless Wednesdays." I don't mind when other people do them. I just don't usually like doing them. But Brenda's challenge came at just the right time. (Side note: She wrote an awesome post today. I want to write a post as a kinda response because it really spoke to me but two things changed that. 1) I don't think my post would measure up and 2) I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about what it is that spoke to me. Not that it's a bad or sad thing, just that I need to get things a little more decided before putting them out here for people who will ask me in real life about it. : ) Not that I mind being asked, I just don't have an answer yet. Was that vague enough for you?) A desire to post something combined with major writer's block (due to having absolutely nothing to write about) had me happy to take the challenge.  Anyways, don't expect another post until after this weekend. My Rachael-friend is getting married and I am seriously more nervous about it than my own wedding! (Please do not interpret this as me being nervous about her marriage. I think she and Ashton will do great. It's the wedding I'm nervous about.) I think is because at my wedding I knew exactly what I was doing and when and had it all planned out. Plus, I had a marriage to be super excited about. And then, when it got down to it, I was just so in love and excited I just didn't care about the details as much as I had before. This isn't my wedding, so I have more time to dwell on details, I guess. But, Rachael has promised an e-mail detailing everything I need to know about the weekend and I'm sure that after the rehearsal I'll know exactly what I'm doing on the big day. And if I'm still nervous, I'll just suck it up. Because I love my Rachael-friend. And I know her wedding will be beautiful.

So the whole "Rachael-friend" thing is something I say in real life. About other people, too, but usually as a kinda term of endearment that I only really use with close friends. Well, my little friend, E, apparently picked it up. She refers to her friends at school as "my Ella-friend" or "my Bent-friend" (Brent). Or yesterday (and the person she's referring to here is like 13 and was playing with her and is nicknamed Savi) "my Sabi-friend." It just makes me laugh how she sound so grown up sometimes in her little tiny voice and funny little speech things she does. Like "Sabi" and "libin loom" (living room) and "bacloom" (vacuum). Today she told me "I wanna go to my cassroom while Miss Kistin use da bacloom because da bacloom sceery." Full on sentence, full on using those dependent clauses correctly, full on reasoning and expressing it, so grown up, but in that tiny little voice with all those little, for lack of better word, speech impediments (not that I truly think she is impeded. She is two and still working on it. And I don't think she has trouble making herself understood!) that are so not grown up.

And finally, (I know you secretly love my randomness and lack of any sort of transitionary device.) it's really funny and possibly says something a little sad about your life when someone says "Hey, Branalyn, I heard something the other day that made me think of you!" "Oh yeah, what was it?" "Well, Sheldon..." LOL (Sheldon is one of the main characters on the show The Big Bang Theory. He's got some major Asperger's symptoms going on.) To someone else it might've been a hint that perhaps I quote the show a little much, but I just thought it was funny. : )