Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh How I Love a Challenge!

So I got a challenge from my bloggy follower that I don't know in real life, Brenda. She's very sweet! The challenge is for me to pick five photos I like and then say five things about me that I like and then challenge five bloggy friends to do it, too!

Photo 1) Me and my Daddy at my wedding reception. I love my Daddy. It's a really good pic of both of us smiling with our "Nixon eyes."
Photo 2) My husband, the preacher, and I. I just love this. It's funny. It's us. I got my husband to let the camera capture that he can be silly. : ) Plus, also, I look super skinny in this picture! ; )
 Photo 3) I know...this is kinda weird. But this is why. That hutch was my MeeMaw's. She died when I was 18 months old and so I really never knew her. Then it was my Aunt Sandy's. She gave it to me when I got married. She died this last Thanksgiving. From that description it sounds like I should hate it or be sad when I see it, but it makes me happy. It makes me think of them and all the other wonderful women that have shaped me (and are still shaping me) into the woman I am today. My MeeMaw also made the angel on the top shelf. It says on the bottom "I love you. MeeMaw. Dec. 87." Above the hutch is a hydrangea wreath. I wanted one two Christmases ago. Momma had no idea I wanted one. Guess what I got for Christmas from Momma? The curtain to the right is from my dorm room the year I lived with one of my best friends and the yellow plate and the pictures are UMHB reminders, too. The glass on top, the roses, the book, and the crystal (whiskey decanter lol) of sand are from my wedding. The other things are wedding presents. It's just
Photo 4) This is a picture I took at my Mamaw's house. It's the old milk barn's doors. I just really like it. I like old things. I like rustic things. I like family and heritage. I guess that's it...
Photo 5) This is from the SNOW DAY we had!!! It's at the amazing pre-school I work at, the church I am a member of (and love it), IT SNOWED!!, and quite possibly my most favorite child ever. (I've referred to her as E on here before.)

1) I love my new haircut and glasses! They make me look a little more my actual age!
2) I have a lot of patience. With preschoolers.
3) I have determination. (I graduated college in three years. I really thought that was something (in a self-deprecating wow I'm such a dork kinda way lol) until a girl at my church graduated college at SEVENTEEN! She has more determination. Plus is a thousand times smarter than me lol)
4) I can laugh at myself when I need to.
5) I can sew/craft/redneck rig things. Often for pretty cheap!

That was hard. If there are any objections, I will paraphrase Sheldon. Blog mei, reguli mei. That's Latin for My blog, my rules. Except not really because they didn't have blogs in Ancient Rome.

Now...who is going to take my challenge?
2) Bonnie
4) Renee