Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Am DONE With Summer!

The entirety of my life, summer has been a lovely time of slower paced, more relaxed goodness.  I mean its like that during school, even when you add in some camps.  It was like that in college, even though I did 11 hours one summer, a wedding and 6 hours the next, and a job and 6 the last.  Summer classes themselves were always more relaxed than school year classes. It was like that working in childcare, even though we were year-round.  Summer was just fewer kids, fewer teachers, less of a definite schedule, more relaxed.  I mean, there are stressful days, for instance when it's your first day opening on your own as assistant director and the power is out in half the building and none of the a/cs are working and you have to wait for the city to open to tell them and they say they'll have to shut down all the power and tear open your parking lot to fix it and so you have to call every single parent and have them come get their kids or tell them they can't bring their kids because no electricity means no email and also you have to use your cell phone.  (Just go with that wreck of a sentence.)

My point is, even though it's usually hot enough to fry an egg on the cement, I usually enjoy the slow-paced-ness of summer.  But this summer didn't seem to get the memo.  I am currently in recover mode from the weeks I've been gone.  July has been like this:
July 4-14 I was on vacation and then helping at the TBCWEA's State Conference, surprise crashing with my cousins, and riding home with a stranger (long story there).
July 14-18 Attempting to recover physically and in the house (Robert was home for quite a few days when I was still gone.) while maintaining some semblance of a normal schedule and packing for camp.
July 19-20 Attending classes in the big city (another long story to be told another day).
July 21 Missing a class because we went to church and then left at 2 for camp.
July 21-26 Camp.  It was dirty and the food wasn't great and I think I got a spider bite, but it was fun.  Exhausting, but fun.
July 27 Attending another all-day class in the big city.
July 28 Got up early, packed a lunch, went to church, did the stuff I thought someone was doing for me while I was at camp but they didn't, winged a Sunday School lesson because the week before camp I used the last one in my book and I didn't exactly have time to find another curriculum, arranged for someone to wrap everything up in the sound booth because we had to leave exactly at noon, cut out of church exactly at noon, drove back to the big city for the last class.  The scheduling was a disaster and we ended up having extra time to kill before the class and it was just a big mess but it's done.
July 29 Resting, doing a whole lot of nothing, unloading a load of dishes (it barely made a dent), unpacking, putting things away all over the house, sorting camp laundry, washing and drying 4 loads.  I calculate about 7 loads left.  Not including the clothes we will dirty between now and those 7 being finished.  Or folding and putting away any of the laundry.  And I did an online class for the same I'm-not-ready-to-tell-ya'll-yet reason.  I've got 4 more of those.  And to make up for the one I missed because I couldn't be at it and camp at the same time.
July 30/Today I have a doctor's appointment at 1:30 because I'm pretty sure somewhere along the way I picked up an ear infection and I've been trying to ignore it but it hasn't gone away.  I've also started another load of laundry.

I'm so excited about how blank the August calendar is.