Monday, May 6, 2013

Drive-By Blogging

I had a lovely post planned out.

It was gonna have pictures and everything.

But several minor-ly disastrous events have caused the postponement of said post.

Instead, before I very quickly grab something to eat before people arrive for Bible study, I leave you with my last two Facebook updates and a picture to be explained tomorrow (pending the arrival and departure of the internet fixer man that will be here between 8am and 8pm tomorrow...)

Dear laptop that I have loved so long,
I realize you are quite old now. I remember picking you out five years ago and I know that five years in people time is like 90 years in computer time. But, even as old as you are, you are the best computer we have in this house. And you cannot give up yet! I promise that one day we will let you rest but right now I am so close to having my craft room perfect and, due to Pinterest, free online patterns, awesome online tutorials, Craftsy, the owning of a computer controlled embroidery machine, and some computer stuff for my Cricut, you, best computer in the house, computer that I love, have become an integral part of having my craft room just so. Also, I have just started blog in again and I cannot continue without your cooperation.
Please, please don't die yet.
Thank you,
Your loving owner,

Ode to a computer, part 2:
Dear amazing laptop,
I am so happy to say that you remain the best computer in our house.
In the future, I would appreciate it if you didn't randomly decide to do 81 updates and then subsequently decide they are too much for you and revert back. Next time, can we not have a heart stopping moment and just not update?
Thank you so much for continuing to be awesome and thank you in advance for not scaring me half to death ever again,

Hopefully, tomorrow goes better and I can get a real post in!