Saturday, May 18, 2013

House Befores

We live in a parsonage that was donated to our church by an elderly lady. 

There were no less than 9 different carpets in the house, including the kitchen and very pink bathroom. 

Some rooms have already had vast improvements, some are waiting their turn. We have big plans to remove the rest of the carpet and overhaul the bathroom. I have a beautiful plan to fix the kitchen, and some flooring I'd love to use in the "downstairs," and an awesome grey I'd love to paint the outside, but the money will be gone before we get that far! 

But I am SO THANKFUL we had a budget to fix up this house. It needed some love and we could never have done it on our own budget!

I'm gonna show you the floor plan first so maybe you can make things fit in from the pictures.

This is not an uncommon floor plan, but it has been added on. Here's a rough sketch of how it's laid out. 

I know its a very...rough... but hopefully you are used to interpreting children's drawings and can understand what I was trying to do.  Also, it's not to scale and that really bothers me.  (Actually, if you move the wall seperating the kitchen from the utility room and the middle bedroom from the craft room a little to the left, it's pretty accurate.  The front two bedrooms should be about the same size and the bathroom, while tiny, is not quite as small as it looks.)

Here are some pictures from before we moved in to the house (they are actually stills from several videos. For some reason, I took no actual pictures.)

Front Porch, Carpet #1 AstroTurf
Front Door
Living Room (from Dining Room)
Carpet in Living Room, #2 on Carpet Count
Ceiling fan in Living Room, the three bedrooms had very similar fans.
Dining Room (from Living Room)

Kitchen (I just inserted some video here because I didn't take a "big picture" picture)

Kitchen Carpet (#3 on Carpet Count)
Utility Room (from the Kitchen) (Not pictured is the step down into the utility room, featuring Carpet #4 on the carpet count.  It's like the Living/Dining/Hall carpet but brown)
3rd Bedroom, Now my Craft room, No good pics, Carpet #5 on Carpet Count. 
Middle Bedroom, had the bed while we visited, it's rather undefined right now, holding stuff until we get furniture to actually use the room. Not pictured, #6 on the Carpet Count!

Closet in that room, notice the funky difficult to use shape and #7 on the Carpet count!

The bathroom, and CARPET! But it's the same as the living and dining room and hall.

The sink cabinet.  What you can't see is that it's made of particle board and is crumbling at the bottom.  

Close up of the light switch that goes to nothing and the weird board stuff that covers the wall in the shower from where the tile stops to the ceiling.
But as you can see in this picture, its all torn up and nasty and I am so sure there is mold growing behind it.
Seriously! Carpet in the bathroom!
Transition hall carpet to Front Bedroom carpet.  It's the same as the now-craft-room carpet.  And yes, those rooms are pretty much as far apart as possible in this house but they have the same carpet.
Closet in front room, #8 on the carpet count.
Car port from the back door (in the utility room).   Notice that  if my car were much taller it wouldn't fit.  R's F-150 is just short enough.  We hung a tennis ball so we'd know how far we had to pull in so we could open the back hatch.
Sorry it's sideways.  At this point I'm tired of this post and don't want to go back and fix it.  The Storeroom.  Carpet #9.

What is now R's shop/workroom.  It is concrete.  So if you add the utility floor and this floor into the count, that's 11 different floorings.
The lantana!  I love it!
Nothing in this house is "done" yet, but there have already been some vast improvements made!  I'll get to work on those soon.  This post took more work and ended up longer than I thought it would!