Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth Weekend

Well, we are at my in-laws to celebrate the 4th. We've seen one set of grandparents, one sister-in-law and family, and of course parents-in-law. We're hoping to see the other sister-in-law and family and set of grandparents tomorrow. Then taking the trailer to my parent's for safe keeping until moving day.

I got an e-mail today from the Geed Squad and was SUPER excited till I opened it and all it said was they had it and were working on it and I shouldn't worry. How rude! Get my hopes up and then just reassure me that it's all ok?! Um save the e-mail effort till it's actually fixed!

In other news, my allergy shots itched so bad today, I wanted to take my skin off to make it stop. I opted for two Benadryl and a nap.

I hope to report about fireworks soon! I'm more excited than most little kids about fireworks!!!