Friday, July 17, 2009

Slave Labor Day 4

Well, it really wasn't much of slave labor today as she will be in trouble with the state if I don't get all my hours. But it was long and fun!

Thank you, Melissa and everyone else who is praying for us!!! I feel funny asking for prayer on here, not because I'm afraid to ask or that I would offend somebody, but that I know that no one who doesn't know me reads this and it's silly to ask. But if you are not already praying for us and you would like to, tomorrow is our last day. We need to get all we can get out of the sessions and we need to get home safe! Momma and Daddy and I also need to undo all that we did to get ready so the church cannot even tell we were here when they get to Sunday service. I think the "slave labor" term will fit again tomorrow!!!

I am exhausted (Robert asked, "Why are you talking like such a redneck?" and I said, "Cuz I'm too tired to make myself not!") and have to be up early enough to pack (I'm mostly done), load the car, and get there with the early (in charge) crowd.

My leg still hurts ya'll. I'll have to get a pic up so you can commiserate. It doesn't sound like it would be so bad, but I kept forgetting and crossing my legs and nearly crying right there in front of God and everybody!

Well, I'm going to shower and go to bed now. I'm so so sure I will not post tomorrow!