Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick of Packing

Quite literally. I do believe I became physically ill from packing too much. Or at least, trying to do too much. Wednesday I was supposed to nanny and then work, and I woke up with eyes so swollen I didn't feel it'd be safe for me to drive. Friday, I did this weird thing at work and was really thinking I was going to be sick, but it passed. I slept really bad that night, went to work Saturday, got to leave and take about an hour and half long nap, went back, then went home and didn't do much of anything. Slept better that night, slept off and on most of the day today and finally feel better. Though I haven't had much to eat. I hope it won't be a problem at this point.

So, now that my body has made me rest, I pack tonight, nanny and drive to CS tomorrow, Tuesday drive to Waco and then Dallas, and spend until Saturday at the Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association's annual training that used to be in Waco but isn't anymore. It's in Dallas now. : ) Anyways, this training is fun and exciting and I'm happy to be going. I'm sure I will be slave labor for part of the time, but the training part will be fun! Then I'm sure to have marathon laundry, dishes, and packing. Then we move!

My Aunt Sandy got a clean bill of health, praise God!