Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slave Labor Day 5

Well, ya'll, I am done! I actually didn't do much today either. And I have to say I slept better in this hotel than I can ever remember sleeping in a hotel, but there wasn't just enough hours in it! The conference was wonderful. It really was. I love Stephanie Chase, Ann Parnell, Willa Ruth Garlow, Karen Fowler, and all the women on Karen's team. Karen and her team made this weekend happen. Momma is one of those ladies. Stephanie Chase, Ann Parnell, and Willa Ruth Garlow are fairly famous ladies in our circuit. I met them I think about 3 years ago. They remembered me. That I was Cilena's daughter and my name was Branalyn. Ann even asked about didn't I just get married last year? (No, it was 2 years, but still!) Dr. Jean was also there. I did not get to meet her and I really had wanted to use my "in" to get to do that but I'll get over it and her presentation was amazing. She was really excited that she could say "Jesus" on the stage!

So I am writing this on the drive home on my Daddy's computer. To complete our crazy trip, he's gonna drop me at my car in Waco so I can drive it home and he's gonna drive him and Momma home.

Other awesome ladies that made this weekend happen: the ladies on preschool staff and the custodial staff at the awesome church that let us be there! THANK YOU First Baptist Richardson! (Because they will actually read this, you know, LOL.)

I know this is another rambly one and I know I am going to be in and out for awhile and I apologize. I want to try to write consistently and often, and I want to get this down before it's not fresh anymore, but I apologize that it's not so much coherent.

Tomorrow I have church and rest and work; Monday I have TONS of laundry, dishes and resting; Tuesday I have all day to pack; Wednesday I will pack and go to work that evening; Thursday I will get as close to finished packing as possible and then drive to CS; Friday I will attend orientation for my new job, drive with the trailer back to Belton, work my last evening at my current job (I will MISS Kingdom Kids!!!), try again to make sure everything that can possibly be done is done; Saturday we will get up, make sure everything is in a box or a bag, people will show up to help, we will load everything, Momma and I will clean rooms as they are cleared, the boys with the loaded trailers will leave, we will finish all the cleaning and anything else last minute like that, we will leave, the boys will be putting things into the storage and then at Momma and Daddy's house, we will arrive and help, and then we will sleep, I hope.

The next week, I have training. It's gonna be INSANE. That Saturday, Robert graduates. The next week, school starts. I don't know when we are gonna find a place to really live and move again. I dread unpacking. I dread it more because I will be doing it after school has already started. Oh, well.

PS I just want you to know, I did not edit this after I was done. Sorry. : )