Friday, July 17, 2009

Slave Labor Day 3

So I was too tired last night to even post, but let me say this. All that stuff we got at Sams? It had to be moved again. Not kidding.

Plus the signs. Oh the signs. The signage was stressful. It was like putting together a puzzle but there were pieces that belonged to a different puzzle, missing pieces, and no picture on top of the box. We finally resorted to tearing the arrows off and turning them to point in the correct direction and writing the missing words and creatively folding things. Did I mention it was stressful? Cuz it was. It really, really was.

Then, the two speakers I actually got to hear talked about change. Accepting it. Liking it. Doing it. And they used the book James. Maybe God is telling me I should read James and be okay with the whole moving thing and the fact that it's a temporary thing and we have this year to plan for the real change. Did that even make sense? It's so so late. And I'm so so tired but felt the need to get this up so maybe I'll remember to make it make sense on another post. And ya'll can ask me to. And then I can process.

So I am here for two more days. And they will begin VERY VERY early in the mornings. VERY.

So I am going to bed now. Because I don't do early even if I've had enough sleep.