Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slave Labor Day 1

Well, I drove to CS yesterday. Today, Momma and I drove to Waco and got in the car with a lady Momma knows and is on the Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association committee of something. (You saw the Baptist part, right? : ) ) And then we drove to Dallas. And went to Sams. And then the torture began. 2 flat carty thingys that are the flat bed trucks of the cart world of cases of water (close to 1,000 bottles), 1 flat bed cart of Coke products (32 Cokes to a case-6 Cokes, 4 Sprites, 4 Diet Cokes, 4 Coke Zeros, what is the difference? Why is there a need for a difference?), 1 flat bed cart of Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper (24 to a case-16 each), and 2 Sams size carts of snack items. It took 2 trips in her minivan. So then we had to unload it all. My back hurts. And so does my leg.

Here is where I would insert the picture proof of my leg injury, but I just don't feel like taking the effort to connect my phone to the computer, download it to the computer, then upload it here. Suffice it to say, my car's 5 star crash rating (I'm making that up. I'm not sure of the actual crash test rating of a 2003 Ford Explorer but I remember my husband making a point of it being good...) isn't true if you climb from the front seat to the very back and do this kinda trippy type fall with a hung foot and all of your weight landing on your leg on the place where you plug in the seat belt. I am absolutely sure that my klutziness has NOTHING to do with it. At all.

And I better not get any Little Boy that Cried Wolf stories because if you could see the picture, you would see how bad it really is. Or about getting to go to Waco twice in one week. Because, well, I did go to Waco once this week and will be going again Saturday.

BUT I got free food all day. Shipley's, the trashiest Schlotzsky's (totally spelled that first try. There's not even a cup that I'm looking at!) I've ever been to (we were glad we didn't pick the Wendy's because you know that would've been worse!), and Texas Land and Cattle Company for supper. They have really good fries.

So this started out with the intention of being funny, but I'm just too tired... The slave labor continues tomorrow, so I should get some sleep...