Friday, March 26, 2010

I Know, You Really Don't Care

But there's nothing else going on in my life. My world is revolving around the art auction. And last night my friend gave me another idea to do for the store and I thought of even another one. But I have to finish what I've already committed before I add to my list. Because I have lost my ever-lovin' mind.

Good news-Robert finished my shelves. I painted them. I need to sand some wear marks on them and then they'll be done! I plan to do that and decorate them before my jewelry party on the 17th. I really want to do them but I'm afraid to let myself get started on that because, in case you haven't heard, I have stuff I need to do for the art auction.

So, here. I already showed you the first red, quilted bag and the yellow cowboy-y burp rag. Here's the others I've finished.

This star one isn't really finished, but I LOVE it! I'm going to buy tan webbing for the straps and somehow make the corners of it more corner-y so the edge stars don't look so funny. Because they don't have corners to be edged up against like I intended. I'm thinking I'll turn in inside out and sew up the corners like I'd seamed them...Thoughts?

There's a pocket inside and just one star in the middle on the other side. I really love it!

And, ummm, for the rest of these, turn your head sideways. Sorry.

This one I was thinking to be a diaper bag, that's why it has all the pockets on the inside. But that will require me fixing the hole I just found in it!

And the rest...

Alrighty... I have 3 more burp rags and 5 more bags. And then I'll have to see if I can do anything else...