Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Wrote Today

So I already had to write two really long things today: a note to all my coworkers about the store (yay!) and then I edited Robert's answers to a questionnaire a church sent him and added my little piece when they asked what he thought the pastor's wife's role is in the church. My note is saved at church so I can't share with you what I said about the store, but, if you feel the need to read something written by me, here, this is what I said about the pastor's wife question!

Hi! This is Branalyn. This part in italics is my answer to this question!
Past experience has led me to the conclusion that my role in the church is really no different than any other wife's role. I want to support my husband in his job, which just happens to be pastor. Most of the time, this will probably be "behind the scenes." I want to, when we have them, raise our children "in the way [they] should go" (Proverbs 22:6). I want to be held to the same standard as everyone else in the church; I do not want anyone to have a higher expectation of me or my future children simply because Robert is pastor.
Past experiences have led me to conclude that I do not want to exclusively be in a leadership position. I was very active in my youth group all through high school. I attended Sunday school and other Bible studies faithfully. When I started college, however, I began exclusively leading. Since we moved back to College Station, I have attended Sunday school and another Bible study, while using Sunday and Wednesday nights to serve with the preschoolers in our church. I want to be able to attend Bible studies, maybe even Sunday school, as any other member of the church and be ministered to, while also serving the church.
Past churches have abused the fact that I was available and often willing to serve. I will be happy to use my gifts as I feel comfortable but do not want the fact that my husband is the pastor to give the expectation that I can be forced into, or will always be willing to, serve. I have a heart for preschoolers and would love to serve the young children of the church. I took many years of piano lessons, but while I can play the piano, I am not comfortable playing in front of others. I may, at some point, want to use this gift in a limited capacity, but I do not want to be expected to serve as a "fill-in" or full-time church pianist.
Finally, past experiences as a church member have brought me to the conclusion that the church functions better when the congregation sees the pastor and his family as equals in the church. When the congregation is willing to serve the pastor and his family, treat them as equals, and judge them no differently than any other member, the church is better equipped to accept the shortcomings of the pastor and his family members and be served and treated as equals by them.
So say we all!

: )