Sunday, March 7, 2010

Store Manager

AW, my Rachael-friend! You changed your pic! Now we aren't tree buddies! lol

You should totally come buy the bag at the art auction, and there will be more bags, so the rest of you should come and buy the others! I just volunteered to be in charge of the "store" at the art auction. Ya'll are thinking, "Uh seriously, you can't even find the time to tell us your funny Thursday story, you just tease us about it and then you take on more?!" I know. I'm already behind on my bag goal (which sounds hilarious to me) so as I take on this new challenge, I'm gonna have to step it up on that, too. Really, it'll be OK. I'll keep ya'll in the loop. I'll just let the housework slide. : )

In all seriousness, I'm super excited about being in charge of the store. I know I talked about it already, but I'll just do it again. Cuz that's who I am. The store is a new thing to the art auction this year. I think we decided we're doing it in the foyer. That means it will be totally seperate from the auction, but it won't be hidden becaue people will have to walk through it to come and go from the building. That's as far as it's gotten, though, since I only volunteered Friday. Oh, and we'd thought it'd be like at a shop or garage sale where multiple sellers are involved and we'd have a certain color or number assinged to each seller so we could keep it all seperate and only have a couple people manning the store. Thoughts? Suggestions? Want to put something in the store and donate a portion of the proceeds to W.E.E.?