Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh, Ya'll...

I had a day! And I do mean a full day! I suppose I must start with yesterday. I called the unnamed bridal store because another bridesmaid who got her dress on the exact same day as I did got a call that her dress was in. The woman who answered did not speaka the English so well. Nor did she know how to use the computer. According to her, the other bridesmaid who, you know, got a call that her dress was in, never ordered a dress, the bride who already has her dress didn't order a dress, and I never ordered a dress. I suppose I imagined all those things. But eventually, and Lord knows not soon enough, I got to talk to a person who, get this, knew how to use the computer! And she said that yes the other bridesmaid's dress was in but mine was not. Sash, yes. Dress, no. I do not understand. And was very frustrated. However, the other bridesmaid's sister lives in town and the dresses were ordered in Houston and the other bridesmaid lives in another town but her sister, who lives in town, is going to see her over Easter.

SO, Momma, M (friend my age) and E (her 2 year old daughter) decided to go with me and we went ahead and went to Houston today with the goal of paying the other half of my dress balance (so the bride can pick it up next Saturday when she's visiting her grandmother) and picked up the dress that was in.

On the way, we stopped at an outlet mall. Momma got shoes and M got a couple Easter things for E. Then we went to the unnamed bridal store and accomplished our goal. We got to eat at TGIFridays because Daddy wasn't there and Daddy doesn't like TGIFridays. Then, we went to The Woodlands Mall because we wanted to go to Pottery Barn. We accomplished our goal there and then went to Pottery Barn Kids. I took a picture of the Star Wars sheets so I could make my Big Bang Theory reference, but I don't feel like getting it from my phone to my computer. So, here. "Don't treat me like a child. Now take me to Pottery Barn so I can return my Star Wars sheets!"

Then, we walked around. We were fixing to leave and I saw Anthropologie. Big Mama talks about it so much and I'd never been in one so we decided (well, I kinda insisted) that we go in. OH MY. We loved it! Momma even loved the tissue paper they wrapped her purchases in. And we really liked all their displays. Like the things that are permanently part of the store. If Big Mama ever gets her benefits from linking to them so much, I want in on the possibility of getting their displays!

We had too much fun for E and M so we dropped them off in their hometown near here. The Lion's Club was selling plants and my Momma is a sucker for plants. Then, we went to DQ so I could use my free ice cream coupon and get Cokes to last us the rest of the day. I ordered and said "I have a coupon for a free Dilly Bar and I also want two medium Cokes." The lady asked, "What kind?" Anywhere else, that would've been weird, but I knew what she meant so I said "Real Coke for both of them." We drive up to the window and another lady opens the window and tries to hand me an ice cream sandwich. I said, "I'm sorry but I'd like a Dilly Bar." Ooo, girlfriend got all kindsa attitude and said "She say she want a Dilly Bar," and rolled her eyes like I was crazy for insisting I get what I ordered. Excuse me. Good thing she doesn't work somewhere where she might expect tips!

I laughed it off though and we made a few more stops here in town. Including the Wal-Mart. The one they're remodeling. OH MY WORD! There's Q-Tips and Bandaides where the boy's underwear is supposed to be. Velveeta Shells and Cheese next to the girl's underwear. Toys where crafts are supposed to be. Crafts where house stuff used to be. And a random empty square in the middle of the store. I suppose for a square dance. And my Momma bought these things that M and I made fun of last time we were in a Wal-Mart together. They are dusting/floor sweeping slipper thingies. Needless to say, our exhausted minds created a lot of hilarity. Including a song that went "I got some slippers. I'm dusting the dashboard. You know you want them. But you can't have them."

I am now home and have everything I need for the Art Auction and the wedding.

Well, present-wise for the wedding.

Except for the one other thing I need for one of the presents.

But it should be less than a dollar, so...

Anyways, I'm broke now. But hope to recoup it at the Art Auction.

And to make cute, cute presents!

And the day was a BLAST!