Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bag Number 1

OK, first, I just have to say it's funny when my Rachael friend and I have conversations in the comments because we're both leaning against a tree. It's so not on purpose, but a little funny and freaky.

Pretend there's, you know, a transition here.

The reason I often make bags from place mats is because 1. they are already either thick or double sided, 2. they are already cut into a fairly uniform size, 3. it's a good size to use one to make a pursey purse or two to make a bag the size I usually wear, and 4. most of the time you can buy a coordinating napkin to make pockets, accents, etc. But, it's also more expensive to do it that way, so, for the art auction, I'm using regular old fabric. On most of the bags, I'll just double the fabric, but with this bag it was already quilted, so obviously I didn't double it. And obviously I didn't quilt it. Because, you know, there's straight lines. Anyways, I LOVE the fabric and almost didn't use it for an art auction bag, but I have enough to make myself one at some point and I think the cuteness of the fabric will really help sell it! At least I hope so, because when I look at all I see is the imperfections...

All that to say, I finished a bag!!! And a burp rag before, so I'm gonna post a pic of that, too. But I'm lazy, so it's gonna be pictures taken with my webcam.

The side with the pocket.

The side without.

The inside. With a pocket.
Also, the straps. I LOVE that they are double sided. I'm not sure if I'm happy with them...Really, I just need to stop being a perfectionist. Or do a better job.

It makes me happy. Mostly that it's done, lol.

I feel about the same today, but no fever and definitely not the dread influenza. It was icky when I walked out the door and they were mowing the yard. Have I mentioned that when they allergy tested me I was allergic to 66 of the 68 things they tested me for? No kidding. That was the long way of saying I'm allergic to the grass they were cutting and made me feel ickier. Now I'm just complaining, so I'll say that I did get to do most of what needed to happen yesterday. But not today, lol. Oh well...