Friday, June 26, 2009

My sad story

Because I don't complain enough on this blog. Or in real life.

So today I was looking to see how much renting a Uhaul would be. It tells me I can't rent one with my Explorer, so I was going to tell it we'd use one of my parents vehicles. Because that was the actual plan and also because I am all about the loopholes. However, I was doing this on Robert's computer and for some reason, he thought he should actually get to use his own computer. He told me, "You have your own computer! Go use it!"

Since is was something he wondered and I was already halfway done and I'm just a darling, sweet little thang, it made me mad. So I went to my computer and, maybe, slightly, a little forcefully, opened it. It fell between the thing it was sitting on and the wall. There may or may not have been a worty dird uttered. So, I very calmly pick it up and try to turn it on while praying that kind of prayer that the Holy Spirit intercedes for you because there are no words. Just groaning in the spirit. I see the Acer screen that's white when you first turn it on and then nothing. So, being the VERY computer savvy person I am, I turn it off and then back on. Maybe there will be a miracle.

Same thing.

I decide I have to tell my husband. My whole body hurt just thinking about it. (Side note: not because he has ever hit me or ever would, but because I hate disappointing people and I knew it was a stupid thing.) We are so broke right now and are very spoiled and have never had to share a computer with each other. I just knew he was gonna be mad. Especially since his day had not been going well.

I took it to him. Because the office has an overhead light and is tiny with a comparitively large window and the living room, well, doesn't, he could see that there was actually something on the screen. The screen was just not lighting up. Which is why I could see the white Acer screen because it is, well, white. He asks how it happened. I don't want to tell him but say that I dropped it.

Ya'll, he is a better man than I thought he was. He was not mad. He even gave me a hug because I was so distraught. And then, he tried to fix it. Cuz he's much more computery than I am. He clicked on all the right buttons to get it to fix itself and go to the actual desktop, so nothing truly important was broken, and if you had a flashlight or connected it with the svideo to the TV, it worked beautifully. The problem was the screen wasn't lighting up.

So, I found the comptuer warrenty. I told him in November '07 when we bought it that we needed to get what my Momma affectionatly calls the "rage warrenty." He listened. We got a 2 year rage warrenty. It's not up till November 12th of this year. Praise God!!!

We put it in my computer bag, (which, now that I think about it is a little funny because what does it matter now? Except losing information would be maybe it's not so funny...) and went straight to Best Buy. We waited while the man sold two different, expensive anti-virus to the couple in front of us. One word people: Or is that two words? Anyways, then it was our turn.

I told him I had a sad story. I said "I dropped my computer and the light has gone out in it." I resisted the urge to break out with "don't ever looooose that light in your eyes. No, don't ever lose that light in your eyes!" a la LeAnn Rimes. Note the shoulder pads.

I digress.

Shocker, I know.

He was kind and laughed with me. Which probably wouldn't've happened if I'd broken out in song. So I showed him the rage warrenty and it covered it, because, let's face it, what does it not cover? I'm totally a fan. I did, however, have to send it away for maybe up to a month. I think I may have twitched when he said that.

So, now I don't have my own computer to go use, and let me tell you, I think a one car family would be easier than a one computer family. Especially on my husband because I just wrote this on his computer and, well, it took awhile. Between the moving and the one computer, "intermitent rants and ramblings" might be a better name for awhile.