Sunday, June 28, 2009

Keep packing...

(If you've seen the Josh and the Big Wall VeggieTales, sing that to the "Keep Walking" song.)

I babysat tonight for two of the cutest, sweetest kids ever! I have a couple funny pics to put up (not of the kids, of something at their house) but since my computer is the one with the software to get pics off my phone... You can see that it may be awhile.

I also got to watch New in Town and it was very funny!

The final total on the clothes: a banana box and a smaller Home Depot box of 2s and why do I own these still clothes for garage sale; 3 banana boxes, 1 plastic tub, and a smaller Home Depot box of 6s and clothes for the 3 hours of cold weather we'll have in January for storage; 1 mediumish Home Depot box to wear at mom's; and maybe 25 articles of clothing plus what's in the laundry for until then and to add to the Momma's house box!

All my books are packed up and most of the decorations (I have 4 things left up on the walls). I did not get to the big closet today, but it's gonna happen this next week! I hope to get enough packed that we can take down the shelves (they are moving with us!) and we can put the packed boxes in there. I'd like to be able to walk, not climb, through my living room!

I keep feeling very accomplished and proud of what I've gotten packed and then I start thinking about what I have not packed yet and get discouraged. It has to get done, though. If we move with what's packed now, we won't have anything we actually need! (Except clothes. But only mine.)

So even though I know it does not make for an entertaining read, I'm going to continue to post what I have accomplished so I will know things are getting done!!!