Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big news!

For all of you biting your fingernails, on the edge of your seat, hanging from the cliff with anticipation, let me just tell you: We are moving to CS!!! : ) I will work for my momma at the WEE and R will find a job unrelated to ministry and we'll have a year to decide what our next step will be! So, now we are looking for a 2 bedroom place where we won't be too bothered by college students and, hopefully can take our dog. All for the low, low price of $500/month. It's a dream ya'll. Dream with me. : )

Anyways, we are very excited about the whole thing! I can start packing in earnest now (which is not so exciting) and hopefully our neighbors will answer soon about whether or not they will have a joint garage sale with us!

Yeah, I just realized I have no open weekends (besides the 4th of July, but that really sounds like a bad idea) to have a garage sale. So I will be moving, yes moving, MOVING ya'll, things I don't actually want to keep. It's not OK with me. But, this way, some friends in CS will hopefully have a garage sale with us and we can make a little money off our junk...