Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I honestly cannot think of a name for this post...

I am still packing. I made the very true statement tonight that moving sucks. It doesn't even matter if you're moving up. The actual moving part sucks. Sucks. SUCKS. At least, I think that's how I said it.

Melissa, give us time to get settled in and you're on! And we will so be joining your Sunday School class! We had, despite certain extraneous comments, a good experience last time we were there! : ) I was, in a very, very irresponsible tiny part of my brain, hoping you were a seer! But, alas, that is not your spiritual gift. lol So, now that the other 5 people that occasionally read my blog are thoroughly confused, I'll move on.

I really didn't have these thoughts when I graduated, mostly because I was just so dang thankful I was DONE and also because I kinda graduated in the middle of all my friends, here it is. I am so, so, so thankful for the wonderful experience I've had at UMHB. It was just the kind of college experience I needed. I am not a wild, crazy partier and a tiny Baptist school where I have a chance of finding friends who are of a similar breed, was perfect. Although I don't even keep in touch with my roomate from my first semester (but a shout out to her because she waited till the last minute to tell them she wasn't returning and I got a WHOLE DORM ROOM to myself second semester!), rooming with Rachael was wonderful. It took a mediocere friendship to lifelong friend proportions. Though we may be moving to opposite ends of the south, I know we will keep in touch! She now rooms with two other girls who have become good friends. And from my classes, there were many "little while" friends, but I think I may have made at least one lasting relationship!

My time at the job I begain in November of my sophmore year and will have to leave when we move has been nothing less than a blessing. I doubt I ever spent more than 20 hours a week there and know there were many 6 hour weeks, but it helped see us through some tight times. I made a couple lasting friendships there as well. It is the only job in Belton that I truly had peace about and I am very sad to leave.

And can I add as a caveot here, I'm so glad I live in the age of Facebook. Technology has it's issues and I am often frustrated, but I'm so glad I can keep up with wonderful friends this way!

So, as I pack (ugh, better than filling out applications, but not by much!) I am excited about the new things coming, but am sad to be leaving some things behind! I am also glad that we are moving to a familiar place full of familiar people for this time in our lives. We are hoping for a year of comfortableness while we decide on the next step in life.