Saturday, June 6, 2009

You know what's sad?

Making fun of the military people working out is the most entertaining thing on TV. We don't have cable, and with the converter box sometimes you have two of one channel. Like we have two channel 9s. 9-1 is the one with the peacock (NBC), 9-2 is a local weather channel. 10-1 is the one with the eyeball at the bottom (CBS), 10-2 is CW. 25-1 is ABC, 25-2 is Telemundo (sometimes they have really good movies on, and if it's one you already know pretty much what they're saying you can turn on the closed captioning and kinda catch every 3 words. Or at least that's what I do... lol), 25-3 is another local weather channel. 44 is the only channel with just one thing and it's just FOX. We used to have 3 46s. It was 46-1 digital PBS, 46-2 regular PBS, and 46-3 the Pentagon (military) channel. Now that TV is all digital, they finally realized they'd been showing the same things on two channels for about a month and a half and there's only two PBSs. 46-1 PBS and 46-2 Pentagon. So now that you've been completely educated about poor man's TV, maybe you can laugh with me when I say, the only good thing on is the military channel. And only cuz it's fun to make fun of them working out. Not that I don't want our military in tip top condition or because I somehow take our military for granted, but because really, if you look at the faces of the guys who stand behind the instructor (you can picture it, I know you've all seen at least one 90s workout video!) it HAS to be a punishment. Like, "Smith! You were late for PT (physical training-my military jargon comes from JAG, NCIS, and Dee Henderson's True Heroes series lol) and now you have to go on the workout show!" So much more humiliating than "drop and give me 20!"
And, if you haven't figured this out by now, I got tired of even watching the military channel, so I wrote this out of bordem! So far this blog has lived up to it's name...Don't worry, I'll get too busy to write so often soon! : )