Monday, June 29, 2009

I always could open those "child-proof" medicine bottles...

So Robert's computer has a Windows Live Family Safety thingy that's like a web filter type thing. It wouldn't let me read Bonnie's blog. Apparently, Bonnie, you have something inappropriate! (I can attest to the fact that she does not, the computer is just stupid.)

In a long chain of events, I knew his other e-mail's password and I used that knowledge to change his Windows Live password. I am sneaky. : ) I thought about not telling him so he'd have the same frustrations, but I left him a note. So I'm sneaky and kind. : )

I am here to tell ya'll that I did nothing today. We went to church, we went to eat with Brother Roy, and then we came home. I realized I didn't have to work tonight and then I took a nap. Which really messed with my whole I actually have to get up tomorrow so I actually have to go to bed at a decent time plan. Dishes and laundry were what I intended to accomplish today. I will delegate the dishes, but I will have to work on the laundry tomorrow... The kids I babysit are back from vacation, which is why I actually have to be up tomorrow. And Tuesday. So my packing has been delayed till Wednesday, though, like I said, I'd like to get all my laundry done! I know all 2 of ya'll are sitting on pins and needles, waiting, hoping I will update and tell you what I have done in a day. : )