Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wednesdays have become a little boring at work. With very few children I'm not so much needed. But I am here in case of emergency and also because my boss knows I need money and she loves me lol. I am so glad to have the blog to be posting on! And several blogs I'd like to read! I don't believe there's any possibility of me getting bored at work tonight.
I do love my job. And I usually love being at the desk because it means you can go hold a screaming baby to help out the baby room but not be in the room. And I truly don't mind making juice or bringing snack. I find pleasure in straightening out the occasional bent-out-of-shape child when the teacher has had too much. Often, if nothing else, there is laundry to do. I did switch some loads and start a load for the daycare but I could find no laundry basket and was not going to stand in that tiny backroom and fold laundry. Because I hate folding laundry and I hate feeling cut off from the action and really that just combines those two fears.
On another note, this has been one of those months where the money just keeps getting tighter and tighter and you go back over all your purchases in your head trying to figure out where you went wrong but it just doesn't seem like you could have done without the majority of the things you bought. And then you are halfway waiting for the other shoe to drop because you know, maybe God is trying to teach you some trust or something and He thinks you just aren't scared enough. (I'm nothing if not a great theologian lol. My husband will probably say it's heretical. Like me saying that Jesus was so clever when a verse rhymed. He said, but it wasn't origionally in English, and being a great theologian, I'd already thought this out. I replied that Jesus, being omnicient (I just had to text multiple people to get the correct spelling of that. Google was even confused) and all, knew it would be translated into English and knew the language English and therefore knew that, one day, that verse would rhyme. He said that was heretical.) So anyways, I'm halfway waiting for the other shoe to drop, like a car accident or major illness or finding out you're unexpectedly pregnant or breaking an arm in a klutzy moment. In my world, all of those are possible and would be highly distressing, mostly because they would be overly expensive, at this point of my life. So here we go, my three followers and one commenter, lol let's pray nothing more expensive happens this month and I have a job in the fall so that things will be slightly less tight then!

UPDATE There are now 4 people that follow my blog. : ) lol