Friday, June 5, 2009

New at this...

Though this is called Dailey Rants & Ramblings, don't be afraid! They probably won't be daily. I just liked the name since it is my last name and those who know me know I'm good at the ranting and rambling thing, plus I love alliteration. And this is as creative as I could get right now! I'm not really sure if there will be a direction for this blog. I was just so inspired by this wonderful lady's blog that, though I don't have a heartwrenching, beautiful story to tell, I felt compelled!
I am a Gilmore Girls junkie and quite often listen to that show while doing housework, etc. I am pretty sure I'll use plenty of Gilmore references, so you may need to be a fan to follow me sometimes! I like to think that I'm funny, but I'm usually the only one who thinks I am! And because I am characteristically up far later than I should be considering the time I need to be up tomorrow, I will leave this first post like this. I hope the ones to come are much better!
I would also like to add, I am challenging myself to workout at least twice a week. I am rewarding myself with a new workout outfit at the end of five weeks if I can work out at least twice a week those five weeks! This week was a little hard to do, but I can check off the first two weeks!