Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunburns and Storms

Well I was nannying today. Children were scattered to the wind and I only had 2 to take with me to the allergist (it's bad when it itches before the nurse even pulls the needle out) and grocery store (for the one thing I forgot yesterday) and bank (see post below lol). And these two (C & D) really get along well and entertain themselves well so running those errands was a far less stressful experience than I anticipated. So we all reassembled back at the house, minus one, and after lunch we went swimming. The sunscreen was nowhere to be found and being the very health conscious person I am, I decided what's 2 hours on a cloudy day? I know that there's like 80% sun rays that come through on cloudy days, but really, it may have had to do with my swimsuit is finally clean and I wanted to swim. Or maybe not, because, you know, I'm the responsible adult. Anyways, my face is a little pink. Or really, my eyelids, tip of my nose, and cheekbones are pink. Then, I accidentally scraped one eyelid with my engagment ring. So, the point is, if you couldn't tell I desperatly needed to pluck/wax my eyebrows before, you can really tell now. And now I think it might be very painful to wax or pluck considering the pinkness of my face.

And tomorrow (after I workout! That will be week 3 down!) we are headed to my Momma and Daddy's house and then Saturday going to Yancey for a Nixon/Wilson family reunion! With my very pretty eyebrows. And a ton, and I do mean a ton, of homework for my poor husband who very sweetly is still coming because I'd really like to introduce him to my family. We got married the week before the reunion two years ago, I'm not really sure why we didn't go last year, but we didn't, and I feel he needs to be introduced.

Also, the weather was so cool!!!!!!!!! I was babysitting (this little girl is hilarious. She doesn't crawl. She scoots on her bottom. Using her legs to scoot. I really cannot describe it and if it were my own child it'd be on youtube, but it was funny.) near the Stillhouse Hollow Dam and the storm was just amazing. I made another very responsible, adult decision (really, I'm never ever daring or a risk taker, if I were on a game show, I'd win cheap for fear of losing what I'd already won, but apparently that part of my gene was on hold today. And the memory part. But that's another long story.) to drive over the dam. God can paint beautiful pictures. A lake, a sunset, clouds rolling in, lightening shooting across the sky. I wasn't stupid enough to dwell, these were all quick glances as I drove across, but oh my goodness, I cannot describe the beauty of it!