Monday, June 8, 2009

Excited ramblings

Can I just say again how stinkin' cute my blog is?! I cannot thank the Shabby Blog and Cutest Blog on the Block people enough!!! And it was fun to be all comuptery and figure out (with the help of the CBotB people) how to change so much stuff! I did another computery thing today without any help, and it took me forever and Io was so proud and my husband said I picked like the hardest way to do it! Well, he wasn't there to help and I got it done, so I say don't criticize!

Also, have I mentioned how much I love the Bring the Rain blog? Angela is just such an amazing writer! She has such an honest, emotional (funny and sad) blog and reminds me, in that way, of Karen Kingsbury. Anyways, I sent her an e-mail after her last blog asking her how she kept the trash men and/or dumpster divers from taking her cooler. I didn't really expect a response because, as the automatic response says, I'm sure she gets LOTS of e-mails and crazy people wanting to ask ridiculous amounts of questions about trash men and coolers, but I GOT AN E-MAIL FROM HER!!! I'm not quite as excited as she would be to get an e-mail from Beth Moore, but it's probably pretty stinkin' close! I'm hoping that means she's on the computer tonight and possibly writing a new post! But maybe it's more like she's answering e-mails because she's not writing a new post...

Queen of segues here. The youngest of the children I nanny is 5. Today I found out she can swim without her life jacket! I let her take if off to show me and told her to swim from the deep end of the pool to the shallow. I didn't bring my suit today, it desperately needed to be washed, so I was standing at the edge of the pool. Her 12 year old sister was in the pool. 5 year old asks, "What if I drown?!" Sister reassures her that she is there and won't let her drown. I tell her if she starts drowning I'll just in fully clothed to save her. She then asks, "If I make it to the little side of the pool, will you jump in with your clothes on then?" I declined. : )

Again with the segues. I am not a worrier. I just have never been. That part of my personality is very much like my Daddy.

My husband is a worrier. He always has been. It's like my Momma used to be before she lived with my Daddy long enough to even her out some. (There is hope for him! : ) )

Today he was doing his quiet time, reading the Bible, writing in a journal. One of the verses was about letting God be God and not worrying about what life is bringing next. (I know my previous post made it sound like I have the same issue. I have an issue. But it's not the same. I know it will all work out, I don't dwell on the fact I haven't found a job yet, I am just frustrated and impatient. Not worried. Thank goodness, because worrying is a sin. And impatience isn't. lol) Anyways, he showed me in his journal where he wrote that I was annoying because I didn't worry! How rude!

Segue #3. : ) My internet has died! Thank goodness, I copied and pasted this from blogspot to save it! I think maybe I stressed out the internet with my amazing segues! Anyways, I can still listen to BooMama and Big Mama's podcasts because I downloaded them all earlier today! While I listened, I mopped the kitchen with my Shark steam mop. It is wonderful. But disgusting. It just picks up so much nasty stuff! I'm glad it's off the floor, but I don't really wanna know what was on my floor!

You know, if the internet wasn't dead, I would never have been patient enough to write all this important information in my word-saved blog. Or had time enough to mop the floors and read my Bible. Maybe God, in His infinite wisdom, killed my internet! And the rambling is over for the day! : )